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Hot sleeper? Same here, and these Buffy cooling sheets keep me sweat-free — get 'em on sale for sleep week 2024

The Buffy Breeze Sheet Set is made from a breathable eucalyptus material to keep you cool at night. Get it on sale for Sleep Awareness Week.

Are you a hot sleeper? Join the club. It's not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night sticking to my sheets, even during the winter — and with the warmer months just around the corner? Oof. Lucky for me, I swapped my old, stuffy bedding for this popular Buffy Breeze Sheet Set a few months ago, and let me tell you, it's made such a difference. These sheets have the smoothest texture of any I've ever owned and actually feel cool to the touch to keep my night sweats at bay. They're also on sale for the National Sleep Foundation's Sleep Awareness Week, so if your snooze experience could use a cool down, read on for my review.

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This cooling eucalyptus-fiber bed sheet set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillowcases. Get it on sale for sleep week!

$156 at Buffy

Why is it a good deal?

I'll be the first to admit that these sheets are not exactly cheap, even on sale. That said, saving nearly $40 is no joke, and for a quality set like this one, the price is far from the most expensive we've seen. (Compare them with these Cozy Earth sheets for $311 and these Parachute sheets for $249). If you're on the fence, just know that Buffy offers a free 7-night trial so you can see how you like them before having to spend a dime.

Why do I need this?

Made of a silky-smooth eucalyptus fiber (lyocell), the Buffy Breeze Sheet Set was designed with breathability in mind. I'd been sleeping on cotton sheets prior to these, and would often find myself overheating, which in turn resulted in a not-so-restful slumber. I'm also extremely frugal, but after just one night with these sheets, I knew their price tag was justified.

Their slick feel is so refreshing against my skin that I'm kind of shocked I was able to tolerate my old sheets for as long as I did. They're lightweight, but you can tell they're high-quality because they're downright buttery-soft. I feel like I'm getting into a hotel bed every time I go to sleep! Sure, they don't exactly have the "cozy" factor of, say, flannel sheets, but as a hot sleeper, my bed would feel like a sauna if I used those.

the blue buffy cooling sheets on a bed
White is classic, but how gorgeous are these cooling sheets in blue? (Buffy)

Another benefit of having eucalyptus sheets is that lyocell is touted for its moisture-wicking properties, meaning it'll draw sweat away from you (more so than cotton or linen — hallelujah!). Since I started using this set, I've found myself sleeping through the night much more comfortably and with hardly any occurrences of waking up drenched. My husband, who also sleeps hot, loves these sheets as well; I believe his first words upon laying on them were, "Wow, these are like, fancy!"

Speaking of fancy, let's talk thread count. The Buffy Breeze sheets have a thread count of 300, which is higher than's recommendation of 200 as a minimum. (Note: They say that the quality of the material is far more important than the thread count itself.) Another important factor? Longevity, especially when you're making an investment in something that costs as much as this set. According to the brand, these sheets were tested to last for at least seven years (or, over 255 washes) without tearing, fading or excessive pilling. While I haven't had them for very long, I will say that they feel just as soft now, after several washes, as they did on Day One.

What reviewers say

I'm far from being the Buffy Breeze Sheet Set's only fan — out of over 4,800 reviewers, it scored an impressive 4.7-star average rating.

"Second pair!" wrote a repeat buyer. "Our first pair lasted about four years until it just snagged in the washer by accident. It’s the only sheet brand we use, since my fiancee is a furnace at night and it helps keep him cool! 10/10."

"I never knew sheets could be this good!" exclaimed another enthusiast. "I don’t think we can go back to traditional sheets now! They feel very light and thin! But they are also quality and so soft and smooth! Love them!"

"They are so very soft and comfortable," shared a final fan. "No more getting wrapped in your sheets when you turn or move in bed!"

Choose from 26 colors/prints and sizes full–California king. 

$156 at Buffy

Oh, and Buffy's popular Breeze Comforter is also on sale for sleep week, in case you could use a new blanket:

Not only does this comforter have a lovely wave-like pattern, its shell and filling are also made of breathable eucalyptus to keep you comfy without overheating. 

"I love this comforter!" gushed a satisfied shopper. "It’s light, but warm/cozy. I was worried about getting too warm, but that’s not the case."

$196 at Buffy

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