Hot Pockets Now Come in Dessert Versions, and One Is Basically a Mini Apple Cinnamon Pie

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
·2 mins read
Photo credit: Nestlé
Photo credit: Nestlé

From Woman's Day

Is it just us, or is breakfast getting sweeter and sweeter by the day? Nestlé’s Hot Pockets are following the trend with their Sweet Treats line, which will have you not only looking forward to breakfast but actually making time for it.

A typical Hot Pockets sandwich is filled with savory ingredients, resulting in best-selling flavors like Pepperoni Pizza and Ham & Cheese. Now you’ll have the option of new sweet sandwiches, including Cinnamon Roll and Apple Cinnamon. Honestly, it doesn’t sound like you can go wrong with either.

The Cinnamon Roll option consists of a cinnamon crust that’s stuffed with sweet cream cheese filling. You’ll also get a cinnamon crust with the Apple Cinnamon option, but this one is stuffed with an apple cinnamon filling. Consider it an apple pie that doesn’t require you baking in the kitchen all day long!

The Hot Pockets Sweet Treats, which are sounding more and more like dessert than breakfast, only need a minute or so of cooking in the microwave. We know how tough it is to wait for a typical Hot Pocket to cool down before taking a bite but waiting for these will be near impossible. It will be worth it for an unburnt mouth, though.

You can get each of the flavors in their own boxes of four at Hy-Vee, but hopefully this is just the beginning of roll-out nationwide. These flavors are perfect for the cozy fall season, so we’re going need distribution to be widespread ASAP.

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