Hot Ones' Iconic Sauce Lineup Is Finally Available In Grocery Stores

Hot Ones bottled sauces and chicken wings
Hot Ones bottled sauces and chicken wings - HEATONIST / Hot Ones
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If you're a fan of the hit YouTube series Hot Ones, by First We Feast, which focuses on conducting celebrity interviews while guests eat increasingly spicy chicken wings, then there's an exciting announcement you need to hear. As Hot Ones' official hot sauce partner, HEATONIST has created some of viewers' most favorite sauces, and now they're coming to a grocery store near you. Noah Chaimburg, CEO of HEATONIST, said in a press release sent to Daily Meal, "We're thrilled that Hot Ones fans will be able to discover the hot sauces from their favorite show at their local grocery store, and are excited to reach new spice lovers wherever they shop."

By the time the rollout is finished at the end of June, you'll be able to pick up these sauces at more than 30,000 different locations. To check which stores near you will be carrying your favorite bottles, whether that's a mild variety like Hot Ones Buffalo Hot Sauce or the #1 sauce on the show, Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce, just head over to the HEATONIST website.

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A Hot Sauce You Won't Have A Problem Getting Your Hands On

Hot Ones bottled sauces on store shelf
Hot Ones bottled sauces on store shelf - HEATONIST / Hot Ones

Previously, Hot Ones sauces were only available on the HEATONIST website or at certain Walmart locations and specialty stores in New York. However, this new development makes getting your hands on the sauce a lot easier, regardless of where you shop. "We're beyond thrilled to bring these iconic sauces to so many retailers nationwide, inviting spice lovers everywhere to elevate their meals with a touch of heat and a lot of flavor," said the SVP of Sales at HEATONIST, Suzy Dollak.

The rollout began on April 19, with the release of the Hot Ones line at over 1,300 Publix stores. Just three days later, on April 21, they hit Kroger shelves at 1,500 locations, and on April 27 will be released at 262 Meijer stores. More than 160 Whole Foods stores will welcome the line in June, and other stores in the lineup include Giant Martins, Hannaford, World Market, Harris Teeter, and The Fresh Market. Whether you're looking to build your spicy food tolerance and try out some of the brand's hotter offerings or just want to do your own Hot Ones-style hot sauce taste test, this roll-out makes that much easier.

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