Hot mic picks up best man’s ‘disrespectful’ remarks about bridesmaid in cringey TikTok

A best man’s regretful hot mic moment is the cringe being felt around the world.

Wedding and event videographer Rob Chiola (@chiolafilms) gained over 11.8 million views, 1.2 million likes and more than 8,000 comments when he uploaded the shudder-inducing moment to his account.

While some wedding guests willingly choose to make embarrassing remarks into microphones — like the mother of the groom who waited until her son’s wedding day to reveal his childhood gift’s mortifying secret — Rob’s video serves as a stark reminder to always think before speaking, especially when miked.

The video begins with a shot of a presumed bridesmaid walking down the aisle. As gentle music serenades her walk, an offscreen voice can be heard whispering, “Oh, yeah.”

The video then cuts to the groomsmen standing at the alter. “Zoom in on those,” the best man says with a smirk, frosted tips shining in the sun.

The groom chortles — then catches himself and shushes his friend. “Was I loud?” the best man asks, blaming the music behind him.

The groom chastises his friend with some harsh language — then reminds him sharply that he’s “miked up.”

“You’re an idiot,” the groom mutters. Masterfully, @chiolafilms then crash zooms on the beaming, rosy-cheeked groomsman — thus sealing his viral fate.

“That’s some serious Chad energy…”

“Definitely disrespectful of him,” one user chided.

“That’s some serious Chad energy if I’ve ever seen some. Good on the groom for calling him out,” wrote one user.

“He’s def the single friend 😂😂,” laughed another user.

“He knew the assignment, gotta keep the groom relaxed!!” one user wrote in defense of the groomsman.

“That was funny 😂 I would’ve died if I listened back to my wedding and heard the best man say that 😂,” another user wrote, also in support of the impish best man.

“THE ZOOM IN HAHAHA,” one user wrote, clearly impressed with @chiolafilms‘ postproduction skills.

“As a wedding videographer who mics people all the time… I can tell you, we hear a LOT 😅,” a fellow videographer warned.

Hopefully @chiolafilms‘ video will serve as a cautionary tale to miked-up wedding parties around the world.

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