Hot dentist doing 'In My Fillings' dance is making people swoon:' I’m contemplating knocking my teeth out'

This dentist’s “In My Fillings” dance, inspired by Drake’s song, has gone viral. (Gif: Facebook/Greenville SC Dental)
This dentist’s “In My Fillings” dance, inspired by Drake’s song, has gone viral. (Gif: Facebook/Greenville SC Dental)

A handsome dentist is going viral for his dance moves, and it’s all thanks to rapper and singer Drake.

On Thursday, Rich Constantine, the owner of Constantine Dental in Greenville, S.C., posted a Facebook video of himself jamming out to the Drake song “In My Feelings,” and it’s been viewed 11 million times.

In the video, Constantine hesitantly walks down a hallway before busting out energetic moves described by fans as “working it.”

“He’s fine, OMG,” wrote a Facebook commenter. “Few things in life better than a hottie doctor,” wrote someone. Many people claimed to suddenly be overdue for dental checkups. “I’m contemplating knocking my teeth out,” wrote one person. A former dental assistant even volunteered to return to her field for the opportunity to work with Constantine.

“The women in my office challenged me to make the video, but it was a little outside my comfort zone, so I waited until everyone went to lunch so the office would be empty,” Constantine, 37, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The dentist of 10 years, who opened his practice in 2015, says all the attention hasn’t bothered his wife of 14 years. “She loves it,” he says, adding, “I usually perform at weddings with a little liquid courage, but my wife and I have dance battles at home.”

Constantine’s performance was an adaptation of the “In My Feelings” challenge, which has recently taken over social media, with the participation of celebrities such as Will Smith and Ciara. The challenge consists of stopping whatever you’re doing — driving, walking down the aisle of a plane, hanging out with dad — to bust out the dance moves.

According to Billboard, the dance was started by comedian Shiggy, who posted a video of himself getting down to the song with the hashtag #DoTheShiggy. In June, when Shiggy met Drake, the singer recorded a video in which he thanked the comic for helping to popularize his song. The dance challenge was later dubbed the #InMyFeelingsChallenge,” and it has gone worldwide.

On Tuesday, dental practice Omega Orthodontics in San Angelo, Texas claimed to have coined the dental version and the hashtag #InMyFillings, with a dance video that received 5.7K views.

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