Hosting A Holiday Party? These November Aldi Finds Will Make It Easier

Aldi interior with holiday signs
Aldi interior with holiday signs - Eric Glenn/Shutterstock

The holiday season might as well be the Olympics of eating. The feasting kicks off on Thanksgiving and snowballs all the way through the New Year. Turkey, stuffing, ham, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, and all of the other festive dishes you think about this time of year make up a delicious food tradition that many start planning for in October. Then, when 2024 rolls around, we'll be evaluating the choices we made in the previous year, including how we spent our holiday budget.

You might avoid some of that inevitable shopper's remorse with Aldi's November lineup of holiday products. Known for low prices and unique finds, there's a reason many Aldi food items have a cult following. On this list, you'll find a range of festive food and snacks, decor, and kitchen tools geared toward helping you prep for all your holiday gatherings.

It's never too early to start training for the Olympics. Consult this compilation of finds you'll only see at Aldi to adorn your next holiday party with merriment (and plenty of snacks).

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Mini Pie Molds & Bakeware

Baking Molds
Baking Molds - Aldi

We all have that one person in our lives who is difficult to shop for during the holidays. This year, use Aldi's Mini Pie Molds & Bakeware set to give them something yummy that they'll remember forever — the ability to make their own personal pie. This set comes with four one-cup bakewares, red and green mini pie molds, and silicone muffin cups. Get these on October 25 for $4.99.

Winternacht Wafer Assortment

Winternacht Wafer Assortment
Winternacht Wafer Assortment - Aldi

It's important to stay fueled through all the socializing and party-going we do around the holidays. If you're craving a sweet treat, try Aldi's Winternacht Wafer Assortment, a bag of various milk chocolate-covered wafer cookies that's full of festive flavor. You'll find this treat on Aldi shelves starting November 2 for $3.49.

Huntington Home Nostalgic Tree Candle

Tree Candles
Tree Candles - Aldi

Decking the halls is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season. Starting on November 1, you can decorate your home with the Huntington Home Nostalgic Tree Candle. These small, tree-shaped candles come in green, blue, pink, and white and can adorn your mantel with holiday spirit. Get them at Aldi for $8.99.

Crofton Mega Cookie Sheet With Cooling Rack

Cookie sheet with cooling rack
Cookie sheet with cooling rack - Aldi

Few holiday traditions bring people together like making and decorating Christmas cookies. This year, the Crofton Mega Cookie Sheet with Cooling Rack can facilitate all of your cookie-baking needs, so make an extra large batch of cookie dough. This set comes in gold and black and will cost $14.99.

Kettle Corn

Dark Drizzled Kettle Corn
Dark Drizzled Kettle Corn - Aldi

Not all holiday treats require hours of laboring in the kitchen. Drizzled Kettle Corn (which comes in either Dark Chocolate or Peppermint flavor) is a festive snack that will look lovely on your table and satisfy your guests' snacking needs. Aldi will begin selling this product on November 2 for $2.29, just in time for all your gatherings.

Huntington Home Holiday Pine Cones

Glittery Holiday Pinecones
Glittery Holiday Pinecones - Aldi

Some folks start decorating their homes for the holidays right after Halloween. For those of us who can't wait to feel festive, Aldi will start stocking Huntington Home Holiday Pine cones on November 1, leaving you plenty of time to plan your decor appropriately. These are $3.69 each, and they come in glittery and scented options.

Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer

Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer
Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer - Aldi

As you revisit old family recipes this holiday season, it's a good idea to make sure your equipment is up to date. If you do a lot of baking this time of year, a stand mixer is a must-have tool. The Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer will appear at Aldi on October 25. This multifaceted appliance, which comes in blue and gray, will sell for $49.99.

Winternacht Panettone

Winternacht Panettone box
Winternacht Panettone box - Aldi

Desserts don't get more traditional than Panettone. If you're wondering what panettone is in the first place, you're not alone. It's a circular Italian cake that usually comes with candied fruits, chocolates, or nuts inside. Aldi will start selling Winternacht Panettone on November 2 for $5.99 per cake.

Benton's Sugar Cookie Music Tin

Sugar Cookie Music Tin
Sugar Cookie Music Tin - Aldi

Sure, baking cookies is a fun tradition, but it can also be messy and time-consuming. Aldi will sell a Benton's Sugar Cookie Music Tin for those who would rather go the easy route. This cookie set comes in a festive tin — one option reads "Merry and Bright," and the other says "Let it Snow." Purchase these for $5.99 starting on November 2.

Huntington Home Adult And Child Apron Set

Adult and Child Apron Set
Adult and Child Apron Set - Aldi

If you're in the kitchen a lot during the holidays, you need an apron. Starting October 25, Aldi will supply a Huntington Home Adult and Child Apron set for you and your tiny sous chef for $9.99. They come in several shades, each with playful phrases: Red Checkerboard ("Enjoy the Little Things" & "Little Things"), Pink Stripes ("Sugar Spice" and "Everything Nice"), Holly Berry, and Gingerbread ("Official Baker" and "Official Taster").

Crofton Bamboo Carving Board

Bamboo Carving Board
Bamboo Carving Board - Aldi

The ritual of carving the turkey or ham around the holiday table evokes a sense of nostalgia. This year, Aldi will sell a Crofton Bamboo Carving Board to serve as a vessel for your meat. Alternatively, use it as a cutting board to prep your favorite dishes. This will retail for $9.99 starting November 1.

Merry Moments 2 Pc Holiday Towel Set

Holiday towels
Holiday towels - Aldi

If the other rooms in your house get a holiday makeover, there's no reason your kitchen and bathroom should be left out. Shop Aldi for a two-piece holiday towel set that comes in three different designs, including trees, holiday ornaments, and houses, and they all cost $3.99.

Crofton Casserole Dish With Wood Lid

Casserole dish with wooden lid
Casserole dish with wooden lid - Aldi

As you tote meals from potluck to potluck this holiday season, you're bound to need a sturdy vessel to haul your casserole around in — bonus points if it has a lid. Aldi answered that call with a white Crofton Casserole Dish that includes a wooden lid. Get it for $9.99 starting on Nov. 1.

Winternacht Gingerbread Assortment

Gingerbread assortment box
Gingerbread assortment box - Aldi

If you've set your mind to leaving cookies out for Santa but don't have the time to bake them from scratch, a store-bought goodie will more than suffice. Purchase a Winternacht Gingerbread Assortment in white and dark chocolate varieties for $5.49 at Aldi starting Nov. 2 to provide St. Nick with the sugar fix he needs.

Huntington Home Holiday Reversible Block Sign

Reversible block sign
Reversible block sign - Aldi

You don't have to spend hours detangling strings of lights to create a holiday-inspired space. Aldi will offer a Huntington Home Holiday Reversible Block Sign for $4.99 starting Nov. 8. The sign comes in a number of designs with quippy phrases on them. One option reads "The Most Wine-derful Time of The Year," on one side and "Don't Stop Believing," on the other.

Crofton Cast Iron Oval Roaster

Blue oval roasting pan
Blue oval roasting pan - Aldi

If you've been assigned turkey roasting duties this holiday season, you're going to need some hefty equipment to hold that bird. Aldi is stocking a Crofton Cast Iron Oval Roaster for $19.99. You can select from two colors (white and blue) starting November 1.

Parmigiano Reggiano Assortment

Pamigiano Reggiano container
Pamigiano Reggiano container - Aldi

Add a little Italian flare to your holiday cooking with a dose of parmesan cheese. The salty, nutty, flavor of this classic cheese will enhance all kinds of dishes this season. Aldi will sell a Parmigiano Reggiano Assortment that comes in grated, shaved, and edge options for $5.49. Get it on Nov. 2.

Huntington Home Table Runner, Placemats, Or Napkin Set

Green placemats with Christmas trees
Green placemats with Christmas trees - Aldi

As you gather for meals this holiday season, don't make your guests sit around an undecorated table. At Aldi, you can get Huntington Home products to decorate the table from November 8 on. The grocery chain will sell table runners, placemats, and napkin sets for $8.99. The decor comes in several patterns, including trees, stars, and diamonds.

Specialty Selected Continental Cookie Assortment

Assorted cookie box
Assorted cookie box - Aldi

With all of the socializing and engagement we do over the course of the holiday season, sometimes you just want to sit and eat cookies by yourself. If that's you, Aldi has a box with your name on it. The chain will start selling a Specialty Selected Continental Cookie Assortment on Nov. 12. The cookies are a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Sparkling Magic Sparkling Wine Variety Pack

Sparkling wine variety pack
Sparkling wine variety pack - Aldi

Aldi will soon have a gift that sounds perfect for your favorite wine-lover. Look out for the Sparkling Magic Sparkling Wine Variety Pack in stores starting Nov. 1. It comes in a decorative striped package that showcases a bottle within (plus five others inside) and retails for $29.99.

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