Horse's Gentle Reaction to Meeting a Baby Is the Sweetest Thing All Week

We’ve seen our fair share of videos of cats or dogs meeting their new, tiny human sibling. All are as precious as the one before it. Plus, it always amazes us how these animals just know to be gentle with the babies and this recent clip from @alyblack0319 is no different.

The only difference in this adorable video is that the newborn isn’t meeting a cat or dog. She’s actually meeting a horse up close and personal! The horse’s reaction is the sweetest thing you’ll see all week. Take a look!

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Ugh, we can’t handle all the cuteness, and neither can the rest of TikTok. The clip has already reached over 2 million views within the first few days of being posted. We love that this horse didn’t just sniff and gently kiss the baby, he gave her the biggest smooch ever.

“He’s helping you bathe your baby. It’s his baby now too. Joint custody,” said @jessica_marie58. HA! This mom should be happy with all the help she can get. Being a parent is no easy task! @justasimpletrans wrote exactly what the horse was thinking. It reads, “Thank you for the new friend. Dis mine now, I licked it.” Can’t argue with that logic!

Another TikToker, @jon_3.16, commented, “The soft loving look in the horse’s eyes is what touched me most.” Right?! All it took was one look at the baby and this horse knew he had a new sister. If this is what these two are like now, we truly can’t wait to see what their relationship is like as she gets older. They’re a bonded pair forever!

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