Horse Picks Out His Own 'Dunkin Donut' in Video That's Just Too Sweet

We would've gone for the same one!

Every good boy deserves a treat every now and then, whether they're a dog or a horse. TikToker and horse mom @emilycaron0 posted the perfect video with her equine buddy, Elliot, to prove this very point. It should do without saying that we're positively obsessed. 

In the adorable post, Elliot picks out his very own donut snack...while dressed as a Dunkin' Donuts employee! To be fair, Dunkin' Donuts are hard to resist, so we're shocked this guy only took one treat.

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OMG! We just adore everything about this video, from Elliot's undeniable excitement to his on-point costume. We have a feeling his mama's a regular at Dunkin'! At the very least, they're very big fans. As are we!

Commenter @harley_farley totally agrees, writing, "Awe he knows the good stuff when he sees it." Dang right he does! We'd probably pick the very same donut for ourselves if given the chance, but there's really no way to go wrong with Dunkin'. Besides, just like @ielektra said, "chocolate always wins."

"He knows what’s up," @gaileegail said. "It’s all about the chocolate glazed!" Clearly, there seems to be a crowd favorite here. We can't help but wonder whether chocolate glazed donuts are the most popular choice all around! Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if it were.

It's hard to distract ourselves from the donuts in this video, but Elliot himself is just drool-worthy. His coat looks so healthy and soft! @Onelove4realo seemed to agree when they wrote "awwe he's BEAUTIFUL." Isn't he? If anyone can make donuts seem majestic, it's this horse.

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