How to Honor and Celebrate Incredible Animals for National Therapy Animals Day

These unsung heroes deserve so much credit!

Every pet provides their family with unconditional love and comfort, but some animals go above and beyond for people who need them. These calm and obedient fur babies can become therapy animals through a number of processes, but once they're certified, they can begin changing lives.

For as much work as they do, therapy animals don't get nearly enough credit. That's why Pet Partners declared April 30 to be National Therapy Animal Day, when we can bring even more education, acceptance, and celebration to this exciting topic.

As Pet Partners noted, there are a few special things you can do to observe National Therapy Animal Day. It's the perfect time to make a donation to a number of therapy animal associations or to recognize a therapy animal who's made a difference in your life. Whether it's about a therapy dog who visited you in the hospital or a miniature therapy horse who taught your child confidence, your story deserves to be shared!

Feel free to donate to Pet Partners' National Therapy Animal Day campaign, especially since the organization will be matching donations up to $20,000. That amount of money can make a major difference in so many lives!

Pet Partners is also a great resource to share if you or anyone you know are interested in therapy animals. The nonprofit can connect you to education about animal-assisted therapy, volunteer opportunities, and information about starting your own therapy animal team.

Nine different species of animal can currently register as therapy animals through Pet Partners, so don't be afraid to think big. Any animal can change someone's life, and that's exactly what National Therapy Animal Day is all about.

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