Hong Kong restaurant employs robots as its chefs, servers and delivery couriers

Now you can get traditional Chinese cooking served courtesy the future.

The Hong Kong restaurant Food On makes its authentic egg fried rice and all its dishes via robot chefs. Once an order is placed, mechanical arms deliver prepped ingredients to automatic stir-fry machines. The entire process is automated and Food On’s founder George Mew told the Associated Press that there are lots of advantages like a more efficient use of space.

“Second is food safety, because people, chefs cooking, that come with a lot of food safety issues — dirty shoes and falling hairs, and other sick chefs or people that bring different types of food safety [issues] into the kitchen,” Mew told the Associated Press.

Once the dishes are prepared, robot waiters serve diners. For take out service, delivery robots that have sensors to navigate corridors, security gates and even elevators transport the orders. Because of the technological investment, Food On only requires four human staff members, who prep the food and wash dishes.

While one customer told the Associated Press they prefer human-made food, another, Kim Lam, says he likes the automated method.

“My favorite dish from this restaurant is fish fillet pasta in cream sauce,” Lam said. “I think it tastes better than made by [a] human chef. This is because the seasoning is standardized, it tastes the same every time I order it here.”

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