Honey Blonde Is Spring’s Sweetest Hair Trend

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From Beyoncè to Lana Del Rey, everyone’s doing it.

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It only takes one celeb to spark a beauty trend. But when you have a slew—especially when it’s superstars like Zendaya, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, and Beyoncè—it’s a movement. And that's why honey blonde is spring’s hottest hair color.

“Honey blonde is a big trend for 2024,” says Laura Gibson, Celebrity Colorist at Bomane Salon and Joico Artistic Director. “We are seeing an increase in many celebrities rocking honey blonde hues, from Zendaya and Beyoncé to Margot Robbie and Lana Del Rey. People are more focused on hair health, low-maintenance color, and having hair color that compliments their complexion. Honey blonde is a perfect hue for a wide range of complexions. It isn't highly blonde either, so it is healthier for the hair and has a softer look. It's less about having a highly contrasted blonde look and more about having effortless looking hair in 2024.”

Keep reading to discover all the details on honey blonde, including who the hair color works best for and how to nab the look.

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The Trend

“This trend emerged during the fall when cool ashy blondes naturally phased out, but it's here to stay in 2024,” says Elyse Clark, Salon Owner, Hairstylist and Pureology Artist. “Ash blonde tones require a lot of maintenance because they are not natural, while golden, honey tones are a natural pigment that already lives inside of our hair. Longer lasting hair color between salon visits are highly desirable because they are budget-friendly. I always think of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce as the pioneers of the honey blonde trend.”

But what exactly defines the hair color of the moment? “Honey blonde blends warm golden hues with soft, natural-looking blonde tones to create a beautiful, sun-kissed effect,” Gibson says. “Think of it as a fusion of rich honey tones with lighter, buttery shades, resulting in a multidimensional and luminous finish. It's an excellent option for those looking to add warmth and brightness to their hair without a drastic transformation.”

Who It Works For

One of the best things about honey blonde is it can work on nearly every hair color and skin tone—you just have to find the right shade for you. “Honey blonde is a blonde that works with all skin tones,” says April Allen, hairstylist and Pureology educator. “I like the warmth of honey as it enhances your skin’s natural undertones. Because of the warm undertones in this trending blonde, everyone can find a version and an amount that works well for them and compliments natural underlying skin tones, without the worry of enhancing red or washing people out.”

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However, there are some exceptions. Clark says honey blonde is not ideal for people whose skin has a red undertone. “Cool tones will neutralize redness while warm gold tones will enhance it,” she explains.

Gibson advises that people with naturally dark brunette hair would benefit from keeping more warmth in their hair instead of striving for the honey blonde trend. “For example, anyone with naturally black hair who wants low-maintenance color should try a darker, warm blonde, like caramel, to avoid too much contrast against their skin and noticeable roots as the color grows out,” she says.

How To Get The Look

To ensure you’re on the same page, bringing a photo to your colorist is always a good idea. “When booking your appointment, I recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss the type of honey blonde best for you,” Gibson says. “Clients should expect highlights as part of their service and possibly an allover toner or base color, depending on their color history or natural hair color. It is important to bring in an image or an Instagram or Pinterest post showing the type of honey blonde you like best. This will be a great way to get on the same page and align on your service, time, and steps.”

If you’re a brunette or dark blonde, Clark suggests telling your stylist you want a subtle sun-kissed highlight that’s not too blonde while maintaining your base color throughout. “If you’re heavily highlighted you’ll want to ask for warm, dark blonde/brunette lowlights and a toner to add richness to your blonde,” she adds.

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Post-appointment, maintaining your honey blonde hue is crucial. “Utilizing at-home treatments to lock in the color and maintain shine will keep honey blonde rich and glistening,” Clark says. “Pureology Top Coat + Tone ($36) is the perfect product to maintain honey blonde by replenishing and revitalizing the golden hues while also providing a lustrous shine and softness.”

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Allen also loves the treatment. “Not only does it bring your hair back to a healthy acidic state and give massive shine, this hair gloss has the added benefit of adding a gold tonality back into your honey blonde,” she says. “With any highlight service, I always recommend using home care like Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner ($74). It’s designed specifically for hair that’s going through stressful color services. It not only helps strengthen hair after the service, but it’s great pre-care and strengthens before with potent ingredients like our anti-fade color complex and astaxanthin."

After any color session, it’s always important to nourish hair and prioritize its overall health. “To keep my clients’ hair healthy and hydrated, my go-to treatment is Joico KBOND20, ($39)” Gibson says. “It’s typical post a highlight service to add hydration back into the hair and to rebuild the hair strength; Joico KBOND20 makes my client's hair five times stronger in less than five minutes, and it is the perfect recommendation to take home to maintain their hair between appointments.”

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