19 People Who I Am Absolutely Certain Regret Literally Every Damn Choice They Made Last Week

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1. The person whose plant got a dang buzz cut:

2. The person who received quite literally the exact opposite of what they ordered:

3. The person whose sharpie is thankfully safe and sound:

4. The person who was seated in what we in the airline industry affectionately call the "Gremlin Seat":

5. The person who made a mistake their brain and their rear-end won't soon forget:

6. Ol' Wrinkly Hands:

7. The person who lost the watermelon lottery:

8. The person who will be eatin' good tonight:

9. The person with the world's creamiest floor:

10. The person who paid 80K for a bent piece of paper:

11. The Spambot Whisperer:

12. The person who has the worst roommate ever:

13. The person who grew enough food to feed a family of five... GHOSTS! I'M SERIOUS!

Thank you, folks. I'll be here for the next six items on this list.

14. The person who made an enemy for life out of this salesman:

15. The person whose cat was kind enough to do some headphone repair for them:

16. The person who peed the floor:

17. The person who learned a hard lesson about white clothing today:

18. The person who just gave you all a new lifelong fear:

19. And, finally, the person who just read this:

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