I Honestly Feel Sorry For These 19 People Having A Really, Really Bad Week

·3 min read

1. The person who will spend the rest of their days cursing technology:

2. The person who loves the calming scent of burning television:

3. The person betrayed by that which they love the most, a friendly neighborhood squirrel:

4. The person who will now spend the next 6 hours flying in horror:

5. The person whose pizza just returned from the 7th circle of hell:

6. The person who shepherded their shepherd's pie to the dang GROUND:

7. The person whose sweat pattern looks like something familiar:

8. The person whose glass of milk split in half like they were Dairy Moses:

9. The person whose bike will forever be locked up now:

10. The person whose sweet, little dog just wants them to never leave the house again:

11. The person whose dang car is MELTING:

12. The person who had quite possibly the worst thing in the history of modern dentistry happen to them:

13. The person who forgot the eggs. THEY FORGOT THE EGGS!

14. The person who really got a bargain on those onions:

15. The person who found out the hard way about the difference between "outside foam" and "inside foam":

16. The person who got juuuuust the right amount of cronch in their dinner:

17. The person who opened their washer to a devastating diaper dilemma:

18. The person whose plant took matters into their own hands:

19. And the newest member of Eiffel 65: