Homeowner catches friend using hot tub without permission

A Reddit user is riling people up after

sharing the way their friend used their

belongings without their permission.

writing under the username EnoughYellow6,

The homeowner described how a friend offering

to dog-sit turned into a potential legal battle.

The Redditor began by explaining that back in February,

they asked a friend to “visit and let [their] dog out and

feed her a few times a time” while they were out of town.

a few weeks ago, EnoughYellow6

discovered that the friend who had

housesat didn’t do such a good job.

“Unbeknownst to me until two weeks ago, apparently she used

my hot tub,” they wrote. “Not just her, but two friends of hers

did as well. And, they decided to hot tub without clothing”.

EnoughYellow6 made this shocking

discovery thanks to the cameras they

have installed around their property.

when EnoughYellow6 came across the footage,

they confronted their friend. In response, though,

the friend “freaked out, calling [them] a pervert”.

“She wants to file charges against me for voyeurism.

I counter that her friends were trespassing and

I didn’t permit use of my hot tub to begin with".

The overwhelming majority of Reddit

users are siding with EnoughYellow6, noting

that their friend is just “mad she got caught”.

Some people, however, think the homeowner should

have alerted their friend to the security cameras