Homeless Veteran Saves Stray Cat and Visits Her at the Shelter Each Day

We'd love for the two of them to be together forever!

Veterans Day may be November 11, but there are 365 days of the year that we can look out for our Vets. Not only have they sacrificed time, energy, and even safety to fulfill their duties, but they're also human beings who deserve a home and all the resources of a comfortable life. Especially when they're as kindhearted as this man!

@Sweetbuffalototherescue shared a heartwarming video on their TikTok account of a homeless Veteran and his feline friend. After rescuing the stray cat, the man came to the shelter to visit his buddy every single day!

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Aren't these two just the sweetest? We could watch them hanging out all day long, just like everyone in the comment section. We're really feeling the love!

"I met him at the shelter when he was there visiting her," shared commenter @merzog1992. "So emotional!" We can't imagine what his story must be like for him to be homeless at this stage of his life, but we're so glad he was able to find a friend. Animals' love is unconditional!

Rightfully so, nearly every commenter is concerned about this man's housing situation. @Justhere4fun047 wrote, "We support all this random stuff on TikTok, why not support this veteran by helping him get a home for him and his cat? Cause the cat picked him." Honestly, we're with you 100% percent. We wish we knew what to do to get these two a comfy, cozy home together!

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