Make Your Home Smell Like Prince Harry's Favorite Scent

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Prince Harry revealed a lot in his memoir, Spare. But beneath the scandalous tales about frostbitten penises and royal feuds, contained within Spare are little details about the Duke of Sussex that close readers picked up.

Including, for example, his favorite smell.

Writing of a visit to Queen Elizabeth's favorite residence, Balmoral Castle, Harry says of Inchnabobart, a shooting lodge on the property, "We ran inside the lodge. The warm kitchen! The old fireplace! I fell onto the fender, with its worn red cushion, and inhaled the smell of that huge pyramid of silver birch firewood stacked beside it. If there’s a smell more intoxicating or inviting than silver birch, I don’t know what it could be."

Silver birch isn't exactly a smell; it's a type of tree, as Harry notes. You don't need to have silver birch firewood to recreate the smell—however, you can easily purchase birch logs online. Because it's 2023, of course the smell of silver birch has been made into candles and fragrances, so you, too, can make your home smell like Balmoral's Inchnabobart lodge. (Though you'll have to recreate Prince Philip's spaghetti Bolognese all on your own for the authentic smell.)

Silver birch is a surprisingly tricky scent to find, but brands like Voluspa, Archipelago, Maison Louis Marie, and Jo Malone all make products featuring the smell.

Here, shop the best silver birch candles (and one cologne), to make your home smell like Prince Harry's favorite scent. We wonder if Harry and Meghan Markle have one of these candles in Montecito...

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