The Home Edit made Khloe Kardashian's pantry famous

When thinking about home organization,

you might be familiar with the phrases

“sparking joy” and the “KonMari method”.

both of which were coined by Marie Kondo when

she was introduced to the American audience in 2014.

As Americans became obsessed with Marie Kondo-ing

their dressers with specific folding techniques.

 the women behind The Home Edit, Clea Shearer

and Joanna Teplin, were secretly disrupting

the drawer-organizing scene with some of

the most aesthetically pleasing pantry,

fridge and closet masterpieces.

The two have since been known for

emphasizing a more “stylized aesthetic”.

By implementing a labeling system, using

clear organizers and sorting by color.

the Home Edit has re-invented traditional

organizing with the goal of merging organization

with design and interior styling.

With a Reese Witherspoon-produced series

called “Master the Mess” that debuted in 2018,

an organizing book that published in 2019

and another book coming this September.

The Home Edit is filling our lives with

organized bliss. The pair is even expected

to get their own Netflix series soon.

Speaking exclusively with In The Know, Shearer

and Teplin shared some of their favorite organizing

hacks, along with some of their favorite (and

affordable) products to help get you started.

“one of our tried-and-true tips is to label, label,

label. It’s one of the best ways to get organized

and helps with grouping like items together” .

“That way, you know where everything is, so you’re

not stuck searching for an item when you need it”.

“we love Command Brand. Whether it’s hanging

up brooms and mops in the pantry with the

Command Broom Gripper or jackets and purses

in the office with the Command Large Double

Hook, there’s a product for every room”.

“Forgotten areas like under the sink are a hidden

gem for organization. Lift items like spray bottles

off the floor and store them on the inside of the

cabinet using the Command Spray Bottle Hanger”.

“Turntables are great. They keep products

easily accessible and in sight in some of the

smallest areas, like under a cabinet”