This 1 trick will help you make the most out of small space living

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Anita Yokota, a therapist, design expert and mom of three, knows firsthand what it’s like to make the most of small spaces in a home. Yokota shares a compact home office space with her husband and their children throughout the day.

Here, Yokota, who has 189k followers on Instagram, shares with Yahoo Life four easy tips on how to keep small spaces well-organized and inviting. “These are wonderful ways to utilize a small space no matter where it is in your home,” she tells Yahoo Life.

File it and go

Yokota says that collapsible file folders are “super helpful” when multiple family members are sharing a space for both work and school. “We have drawers and things, but I want to keep everything mobile,” says Yokota. That’s because if her husband and one of her kids are already working in their small home office, Yokota can easily move her important papers into another room. “I grab it. I go, and it’s organized,” she says.

Go vertical

“Using vertical space is imperative for small space living,” says Yokota. On the walls of her home office, Yokota put up two boards: one push-pin and one dry erase board. For the push-pin board, Yokota placed cards with inspiring sayings to look at while she works, while the dry erase board serves as the family’s “to-do” list. Yokota also has a metal wall rack with clips where she can hang items that serve as design inspiration.

Organize your cords

Rather than searching all over the house trying to track down compatible phone and computer chargers, Yokota stores all of her cords in a zippered case so they stay organized. The case keeps the cords “ready to go so that it’s mobile,” she says, in case she has to switch rooms, and it gives her a place to store everything when she’s done with work for the day.

Create a calm ambiance

Along with keeping small spaces organized, Yokota says, “It’s also really important to keep your mind free and clear of clutter.” She likes to have scented candles and aromatherapy “to wake up your olfactory senses,” she says. Yokota also recommends adding some greenery to your space through plants, such as succulents. “Having a succulent in a darker area is great because they don’t require a lot of light,” she says.

Yokota adds: “These are all fun ways to decorate your work-from-home space,” which not only make the area more inviting, but also help create a calming environment.

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