Home chef stuns TikTok with video of 'impressing' cupcake-making disaster

A home chef is going viral on TikTok after sharing her “impressive” baking mishap. The cooking fail — which is now the subject of a video with nearly 4 million views — started with a box of store-bought cupcakes. Somehow, user @beccaonthefritzzz turned that box of cupcakes into a boiling, liquidated mess. “I can’t begin to guess what went wrong here,” the TikToker says in their clip. In the video, @beccaonthefritzzz shows the view inside their oven, where the cupcake batter is literally bubbling. Meanwhile, the pan is coated in a colorful, sugary crust. Needless to say, commenters had plenty of questions. “I need to understand what happened,” one user wrote. “Why is it bubbling?” another asked. @beccaonthefritzzz totally owned the mistake and shared a follow-up video, during which they offered a few theories as to what went wrong. Additionally, they admitted to doing a bit of freelancing with the recipe listed on the box. “There is a possibility I decided to add my own flair to it,” they added. What’s more, @beccaonthefritzzz claims that they might have confused baking powder for baking soda. “It’s called baking powder not gun powder,” one user joked