Home chef calls out vegan dinner guest over their ‘unreasonable’ last-minute demands

When a woman was hosting family dinner, a surprise guest's dietary restrictions caught her off guard. She asked for advice on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. She cooked dinner for her family after work one day. But her sister brought over a surprise guest. The poster had no idea that the person was coming, or that that they were vegan. But her family became upset when she refused to cook a separate vegan dinner. Her sister was unhappy that the meal wasn't vegan, even though she brought the guest without warning. "My parents were a little upset as well," she wrote. "They said, 'Go and cook her some food, she must be hungry'". "I concluded by saying that 'I don’t know how to make vegan dishes. and if she’s that hungry, she can use UberEats to order what she’s comfortable with'". Reddit users thought the family was out of line. "Your sister is being so unreasonable, how could she bring a surprise guest without notice and expect you to be a psychic and cook vegan dishes?" one person commented