Hold onto Your Dragonglass: ‘Game of Thrones' Just Dropped the Official Season 8 Teaser

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Ice, meet fire.

That’s the theme for the new teaser trailer for the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The 39-second clip doesn’t contain any new footage, but does hint at some major season eight plot points. It opens with a view of ice and snow creeping across Daenerys’s painted table that she uses for military planning. The pawns of a wolf (representing House Stark) and a dragon (House Targaryen) are enveloped and frozen by the ice.

From the south, a wall of fire creeps up the table and over the Westeros landscape, sending the lion pawn (House Lannister) up in flames. Once the two elements meet, a wall of jagged black rock appears, which is shiny and pointy and probably (definitely) a wall of Dragonglass (the sought-after material that can kill White Walkers). We hope that’s a good sign for the armies marching toward the White Walkers, but your guess is as good as ours…

The final season will premiere in April 2019 with six episodes. (And we have a lot of thinking to do before then.)

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