Hoda and Jenna debut new updos that you voted on: 'We look kind of like sisters!'

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager shared the winning hairstyles from their 'Chooseday Tuesday' poll, revealing near-matching looks.

On Wednesday morning, the two debuted their new do's after hiding behind large graphics of their own faces.

For Hoda, the options had been a wavy updo, a long, flipped-out look, or a sleek, pin-straight style.

Jenna's choices included bold curls, a neat updo, or a neat straight-back style.

In total, more than 20,000 people weighed in on their Chooseday Tuesday looks. The winning results for both were the updos!

After a brief drumroll, Hoda revealed a "wavy and cool" updo, while Jenna unveiled a similar style accentuated with a floral clip.

Hoda said that her wavy updo took just a few minutes to come together. (TODAY)
Hoda said that her wavy updo took just a few minutes to come together. (TODAY)

"Oh, we look kind of like sisters!" Jenna said, once the styles had been revealed. "Don't we? Our hair looks similar."

A white floral clip accentuated Jenna's stylish updo.  (TODAY)
A white floral clip accentuated Jenna's stylish updo. (TODAY)

Both Hoda and Jenna thanked their stylists for creating the beautiful looks, but said that it felt strange to be wearing such ornate styles.

"I'm not normally an updo type of person," Jenna explained. "Unless it's like a ponytail, you know? But there's something about it that accentuates the face."

"I feel weird because I don't ever do updos," Hoda shared.

Jenna joked that the style brought her back to "being a bridesmaid," which was "odd, or interesting."

"Both of us feel weird," she said.

While Hoda's updo had not been a close vote, the bold wavy look had been a close runner-up for Jenna. Several TODAY family members voted in the poll, including NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen, who recommended Hoda go with the updo and Jenna try the waves.

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie said that "her heart" supported the wavy look, but her "friendship" said the updo. For Hoda, she voted for "picky, nonexistent choice D."

"Don't mess with Hoda's hair, ever!" Savannah joked.

The neat updos weren't the only new looks Hoda and Jenna debuted: Edited photos allowed the ladies to see how they would look with Gwen Stefani's new blonde and brunette hairstyle. The edgy look drew even more reactions than the updos.

"We always take it one step too far," joked Hoda.