Hispanic Heritage Month has arrived! Here’s how you can celebrate with Kohl’s this year

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Uplifting latinidad and honoring the contributions of the community.

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Taking pride in and celebrating the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans is a year-round affair, but Hispanic Heritage Month shines a light on the community and gives Americans with Hispanic and Latinx roots the chance to celebrate their cultures and all they stand for. For a month, spanning September 15th through October 15th, Americans whose heritage comes from the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico and Spain are uplifted to remind us all of just how much they have influenced and continue to give to the fabric of America that we know today.

Kohl’s is celebrating the month by centering la familia, whether it’s your immediate family that you will be seeing much more of as fall rolls on, the family of nations that make up the Hispanic and Latinx community or the family of cultures that make up our neighborhoods, cities and towns. It’s all a beautiful tapestry of ages, generations, genders, body types and skin colors, which make being a part of the global Hispanic and Latinx diaspora so wonderful and inspiring.

To get you excited and ready to celebrate, here’s how Kohl’s is honoring Hispanic and Latinx heritage all month long and asking you to join in the festivities.

Diversity Design Council

Kohl’s is celebrating the beauty and vibrancy of the Hispanic and Latinx community by working with its Diversity Design Council to create products that represent la cultura and that reflect the diversity of its Hispanic and Latinx customers year-round. It’s all about authenticity and the Council helps that show up in the art, curation and design of the brand’s collections. The expertise of associates from different cultures and communities are leveraged to ensure the Kohl’s experience is as inclusive and supportive of as many backgrounds as possible.

To check out their designs and other products celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, shop the collection at Kohls.com.

The Big One® Plush Throw Blanket

Designed by Cecilia Palacios, Latinx artist for Kohl's.
Designed by Cecilia Palacios, Latinx artist for Kohl's.

$26.99 at Kohl's


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Kohl’s is donating $100,000 to Alliance for a Healthier Generation to celebrate Hispanic health equity champions and to develop resources that support the well-being of Hispanic families. From a self-care toolkit to help caregivers support young people to resource collections that help guide young people to eating and feeling their healthiest, the organization is helping to fulfill its mission of empowering children to develop mindful, lifelong habits. Learn more about their cause and impact at KohlsHealthyAtHome.org.

Local Life Empanadas Kitchen Towel 2-pk.

Designed by Robyn Haueisen, Latinx artist for Kohl's.
Designed by Robyn Haueisen, Latinx artist for Kohl's.

$13.99 at Kohl's

Kohl’s Designer Spotlight

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off with a number of Independence Day celebrations, including those in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua. It’s a time full of outdoor festivals and parades in the daytime and outdoor family gatherings that require celebratory looks, from traditional garb to herald your culture to casual ensembles that make walking around at festivals and gatherings all day stylish, yet effortless.

Kohl’s has uplifted the brilliance of three of their associates who are Latinx artists — Gabriela Riveros, Cecilia Palacios and Robyn Haueisen — and who are celebrating their cultures through designs and artwork inspired by traditional floral prints and celebratory graphics like the powerful América es Latina. From pillows to t-shirts, these designs will help you celebrate Hispanic and Latinx heritage all year long.

Juniors' Gonzales Dream Big Mija Retro Text Tee

Designed by Cecilia Palacios, Latinx artist for Kohl's.
Designed by Cecilia Palacios, Latinx artist for Kohl's.

$30.00 at Kohl's


From Kohl’s:

To make sure you’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in style, here are a few of the highlights you can find at Kohl’s this season that are honoring Hispanic and Latinx cultures. To purchase these and more, visit Kohls.com.

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