Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Posts Funny Pic, People Get Mad

Laia Garcia

Hillary Clinton loves the red, white, and blue (suits). Photo: @hillaryclinton/Instagram

Hillary Clinton joined Instagram! The former first lady and possibly future first lady president posted her first image today: a rolling rack with three suits each in red, white, and blue, with the caption, “Hard choices.” 

It’s a genius post of course, as Clinton’s pantsuits have been a point of contention since pretty much forever. In 2008 she made fun of herself on The Late Show With David Letterman, saying she loves America because she can buy pantsuits on the Internet 24/7. Saturday Night Live consistently parodies her look. In 2013, at the CFDA Awards, she told the fashion industry she had a new pitch for Bravo: Project Pantsuit. And earlier this year, when she launched her campaign’s e-commerce shop, she offered an “everyday pantsuit t-shirt.” Like so many things that have plagued her in her past, she’s owning it this time around. “Yes, I only wear pantsuits, and my choices vary from red to white to blue (even though she has been known to sport all colors of the rainbow),” she’s screaming from the rooftops of social media. 

In 2008, Hillary Clinton addressed her love of pantsuits on The Late Show With David Letterman. 

Of course, while it’s obviously meant as a joke, not everyone thought it was funny, leaving comments like, “I’m a supporter of yours, but if you don’t like ‘media sexism’ then don’t make your first post on Instagram about your choice of clothing. Just a friendly recommendation.” LOL. 

Clinton has already proven she’s got a killer media team behind her with a great sense of humor; the offerings on her online store are hilarious and perfect on every single level, and her weekly email offers tidbits made for Twitter. Clinton obviously knows what she’s doing and seemingly has no plans to hold back on wit and wisdom, not should she. She’s pulled way ahead of her competition when it comes to social media, but we’re sure that will change soon enough. 

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