This Hilarious New TikTok Trend Allows Users to Casually Brag About Their Best Traits

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Another week, another new TikTok trend and this might be the funniest yet. People can't stop making videos, using this trend to casually brag about their best traits and honestly, it's iconic.

It's unclear who started the trend, but over the past few days, it has truly taken off. The videos are set to "My Story (DLOG)" by Mike Dimes and I'm calling it the "carry the weight" challenge because it features TikTokers walking around like their back hurts with text that jokingly explains what they're tired of "carrying." For example, "My back hurting from carrying their weight of being the person that everyone borrows clothes from."

Many are using the trend to comment on their superior traits in relationships.

Others, are tired of carrying their friend group (honestly, I get it)...

...or their families.

One TikTok star, Indiana Massara, even used it to spill some tea and call out Sway Boy Kio Cyr.

BRB, got to go make one about how I carry the weight of always having all the best celeb tea to share with my friend group.

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