Hilarious TikTok compares 2000s babies to 1990s babies

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A viral stitch has Millennials laughing and feeling super old right now on TikTok — and with good reason.

@manderson007 shared the original clip. She rang in the New Year last month by giving her fellow 2002 babies a special shout-out.

Of course, the real celebration is that 2002 babies are reaching that long-awaited milestone of turning 21 and can legally drink. Hence, “Bottom’s Up” by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj plays in the background.

But as a follow-up stitch by @nerdspeech shows, ’90s babies are in a very different phase of life right now — one that highlights all the changes that go on between your 20s and your 30s. Instead of sticking his driver’s license to his forehead, @nerdspeech whips out his insurance card.

“Can I get a primary care doctor, can I get a dentist, probably a specialist and a therapist?” he jokingly raps, while mimicking the lyrics to “Bottoms Up.”

Since the stitch was first posted last month, it’s received more than 12.9 million views. The TikTok has also racked up a ton of comments from fellow Millennials who can’t help but relate.

“I’m 33 and felt this is my soul,” one person quipped.

“Yea my knees hurt,” added someone else.

“As a 93 baby this is my year to start taking vitamins and exercise seriously lol,” another user wrote.

A lot of people also griped about how challenging it can be to even navigate the American healthcare system, to begin with.

“No literally why is it so hard to get a primary care doctor?” one person asked.

“Can you make sure they’re in network with $0 copay?” asked someone else.

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