Hilarious dad tells plot of ‘The Matrix’ as a bedtime story

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Watch this hilarious TikTok parent tell his son the plot of The Matrix as a bedtime story using PAW Patrol characters!

Topher Harless (@topherharless) is a dad and TikToker whose son is obsessed with PAW Patrol. Each night, Topher’s son demands that his dad tell him an original bedtime story, using characters from his favorite puppy-themed TV show. While a brand new bedtime story every night might sound like a lot of work for a parent, Topher came up with a brilliant way to ensure he is easily able to tell a new story each time: He borrows the plots of famous movies!

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In this hilarious video, Topher adapts the plot of The Matrix as a kid-friendly bedtime story using characters from PAW Patrol. Spoiler alert: Topher’s son loves the story!

The video begins with a shot of Topher sitting in a rocking chair in his son’s bedroom. Topher’s son lies in bed waiting for the story to begin. “When we tell stories at night, my child wants them all to be about PAW Patrol, so I decided to rewrite movie plots to star those characters,” Topher writes in a caption.

“Once upon a time, there was a regular guy who worked at a regular job. But then one day at work, he gets a phone call,” Topher begins. “This person on the phone says, ‘People are coming to get you!’”

Recounting the beginning of The Matrix, Topher tells his son that the man, whose name is “Chase,” is guided by the person on the other end of the phone, who helps him escape.

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Eventually, Chase meets up with “Rocky” (another PAW Patrol character), who tells him that the world as he knows it is not real. “You can either take a blue pill or a red pill,” Topher explains.

Topher goes on to recount major plot points from The Matrix, including the moment Neo bends a spoon with his mind, and the climactic scene in which Neo dodges bullets (which Topher replaces with puppy treats).

In the end, Topher concludes, “[Chase] wins because he’s the one that can save all of Adventure Bay.”

Chase’s retelling of The Matrix had TikTokers cracking up!

“This is brilliant,” one viewer wrote.

“He’s gonna grow up and be like, ‘These classic movies are awfully familiar,’” joked another TikToker.

“If I ever have a kid, I’m doing this,” another viewer commented.

The Matrix isn’t the only classic film Topher has adapted for his son. In his ongoing storytelling series, he has also told his son the plots of everything from Star Wars: A New Hope to The Princess Bride. What movie would you like to see Topher adapt?

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