'I will just block you': Hilaria Baldwin hits back after being shamed for breastfeeding photo

Elizabeth Di Filippo
·3 mins read

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Hilaria Baldwin is hitting back after receiving backlash for sharing a breastfeeding photo to social media. Image via Getty Images.
Hilaria Baldwin is hitting back after receiving backlash for sharing a breastfeeding photo to social media. Image via Getty Images.

Hilaria Baldwin is setting clear boundaries with her followers after receiving criticism for sharing a photo breastfeeding her newborn son, Eduardo.

On Sunday, the 36-year-old shared a statement to Instagram informing her more than 813,000 followers that she will block and delete anyone who questions or criticizes her instincts as a mother.

“Let me be really clear about something: I will post here and there about how we are doing. If you send me a comment telling me how much to post or how little, and I happen to see the message, I will just block you. I’m not interested in those opinions,” Baldwin wrote.

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Baldwin, who welcomed her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin on Sept. 8, was chastised after posting a photo breastfeeding her son while brushing her teeth. Critics accused Baldwin of “oversharing” and looking “distracted” instead of tending to her son.

“Five kids in, we are happy, healthy, bonded, tired, busy, but blessed,” she continued. “The split second it takes to snap a pic or put it here, on our community that we have build for years, is something I enjoy.”

The author and podcast host reminded fans that she uses social media to share photos with her family and friends, as well as the hundreds of thousands of followers whom she’s never met. Baldwin writes that due to social distancing, many of her family members are unable to meet her son in person, making sharing photos of her children all the more important to stay connected with loved ones.

“I look back to these pics and am always happy to pause and document. I will never regret it. When I see a negative comment, I always wonder…why do you follow me if you don’t like what you see?” Baldwin wrote. “Now back to my family.”

Baldwin received praise from husband Alec, who commended his wife on taking a stand against online trolls.

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“I am proud of you that you posted this. The content of this page is determined by you and you alone. And NO ONE has better instincts about the public/private wall than you,” the 62-year-old wrote. “Those who visit these sites to express their harsh judgments and insinuate how you should conduct yourself deserve one policy. Block them. This is not a debate.”

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