Hilaria Baldwin responds to trolls questioning skin colour difference between her and her children: ‘Yes, they are mine’

Hilaria Baldwin responds to rumour about her children’s skin colour (Getty Images)
Hilaria Baldwin responds to rumour about her children’s skin colour (Getty Images)

Hilaria Baldwin has responded to trolls who reportedly questioned whether she is biologically the mother of her and Alec Baldwin’s six children because of differences in skin tone.

The yoga instructor, who was recently embroiled in a controversy over her heritage, addressed the rumour, which reportedly stemmed from questions about the “lighter” colour of her children’s skin, on Instagram on Wednesday.

“I know… I know, sleuths… my skin is darker and my kids’ is lighter,” the 37-year-old captioned a photo of herself holding her newborn daughter Maria Lucia, which she shared to her Instagram Stories. “Yes, they are mine.

“Trying to keep up with all these ideas… I have to say, you have quite a bit of time on your hands.”

The mother-of-six’s response to the rumours came as she shared additional photos of her and the actor’s other children to her Stories, including one showing her on a boat holding their youngest son Eduardo, who she gave birth to in September 2020.

The couple welcomed their youngest child in February via a surrogate, with Baldwin referring to their two babies as “two wonderful souls” and “almost like twins” in the caption of an Instagram photo posted in March. They also share children Carmen, seven, Leonardo, six, Rafael, four, and Romeo, three.

Hilaria Baldwin addresses rumours about her children (Instagram)
Hilaria Baldwin addresses rumours about her children (Instagram)

Baldwin’s decision to address rumours regarding her children comes after she apologised earlier this year for implying that she is Spanish, despite being born and raised in Massachusetts.

At the time, the fitness instructor said that she had spent the “last month listening, reflecting, and asking myself how I can learn and grow” before acknowledging that she was raised with “two cultures, American and Spanish,” and feels a “true sense of belonging to both”.

However, this is also not the first time Baldwin has used her platform to speak out against online trolls, as she previously revealed that she is in the process of learning “how to not get down by other people’s opinions about our personal lives”.

“If we are all trying to learn it, let’s do our part in being less judgemental about others… less of that sh*t energy out there, you know?” she added.

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