Student's ‘Cafeteria Cooking’ TikTok series shows him making gourmet meals during lunch period: 'How did you do this?'

A high schooler went viral on TikTok for his “Cafeteria Cooking” series, which shows him making gourmet foods during his lunch period.

The hilarious and mind-blowing series of videos involve TikTok user Danny (@dannyyyytrann) cheffing it up at school, with friends acting as his sous chefs. This clip of them making garlic parmesan butter has amassed over 15.7 million views on TikTok.

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People are absolutely intrigued by Danny’s cooking skills, especially his speed. Public high school lunch periods are notoriously short — students barely have the time to eat, let alone cook!

“We only get like 15 mins at my school. How did you do this,” someone said.

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“Lunch is ~25 minutes long,” Danny explained.

Others are amused by the Cafeteria Cook’s preparedness, admiring the fact that Danny seems to be bringing cooking tools to school.

“Lost it when you pulled out the cheese grater,” someone commented.

In another video, Danny makes an elaborate-looking breakfast toast using just a mug, a Tupperware lid and the cafeteria’s microwave.

Another popular episode shows Danny trying to make ice cream from scratch by using basic chemistry knowledge.

“AP Chem taught you well,” a TikToker wrote.

“He don’t even pack lunch. He just packs experiments,” another commented.

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