High school surprises students with breathtaking mountaintop graduation

These graduates might not have had a traditional ceremony, but it sure is one they will remember

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    The Thatch House in Charlevoix, Mich. will make all your storybook dreams come true. Architect Earl Young built the home in 1918. It was his first house and today it still uses his original stone walls.

  • Father highlights generational divide in viral clip: ‘This is how you know you’re getting old’

    Daniel Alvarado, a New York City-based aircraft engineer and father of two, shared a clip of himself on TikTok asking both his wife and their two children, Daniella and Kamilo, to “pretend they’re talking on the phone” using a hand gesture. “This is how you know you’re getting old,” Alvarado says in his video, which has since been viewed over 2 million times. “I’m born in 1998 which is that awkward year where I do these old hand gestures but never actually used the object itself,” wrote one user.

  • Young man’s impassioned pep talk on TikTok preaches self-love: ‘Do you hear me?’

    All I want to do is let you know how beautiful you look today,” the man continues. Okay? Keep moving forward.

  • Teenager comes out to her mom through TikTok dance trend: 'It took a lot of courage'

    A teenager is going viral after sharing the creative way she chose to come out as bisexual to her mom.The young woman, who goes by the username tesslaanselme on TikTok, posted the clip with the caption, “I came out to my mom” .In the video, the TikToker reveals that she shared that information by dancing to a remix of “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion.Tesslaanselme’s mom is standing in the background of the clip, watching her daughter dance to the track...which has been altered to include lyrics about bisexuality.It’s originally unclear to judge the woman’s reaction, but tesslaanselme followed up in her video’s comments with more details.The TikToker wrote that her mom was supportive of the announcement, adding that she had a suspicion it was coming