High school cheerleader may face felony charges after allegedly bringing pot brownies to school to win homecoming queen votes

A Michigan high school cheerleader is facing a criminal investigation after she allegedly brought brownies laced with marijuana to school in a bid for homecoming queen votes.

Administrators at Hartford High School in Hartford, Mich., were notified on Sept. 26 that a 17-year-old student allegedly gave a batch of brownies to football players, and others were handed out to sway votes for her to become homecoming queen. The school was clued in to the distribution of pot brownies on the campus from a tip submitted through Ok2Say, which is a program that allows students to confidentially submit tips about harmful behaviors affecting students. The app, available to students throughout Michigan, was implemented by the state government to ensure students could anonymously report potential harm.

A high schooler in Michigan allegedly distributed pot brownies on campus. (Photo: Getty Images)
A high schooler in Michigan allegedly distributed pot brownies on campus. (Photo: Getty Images)

According to a statement provided to Yahoo Lifestyle, which was also posted to the Hartford Public Schools Facebook page on Tuesday, District Superintendent Andrew Hubbard confirmed the incident and said that a criminal investigation is taking place in conjunction with the Hartford Police Department.

According to local Grand Rapids, Mich., station WXMI, 12 brownies were brought to the school and only three have been recovered and drug tested, leaving nine of them unaccounted for and likely consumed by students. All of the students involved could be in trouble, while the suspect herself could face felony charges for not only having drugs but also distributing them in a drug-free zone.

Patrolman Michael Prince of the Hartford Police Department told the local news outlet that the suspect and her mother are out of the state for what they say is a family emergency. Punishment proposed by the school has yet to be announced.

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