High Rollin' King Charles Just Wants to Play the Ponies on His Coronation Day

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King Charles Hopes to Win Big at the RacetrackStuart C. Wilson - Getty Images

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  • King Charles has been an avid horse and racing enthusiast for decades.

  • One of his horses, Slipofthepen, will actually be racing the day of his coronation.

  • King Charles will actually be watching the race on television, mere hours after his ceremony.

We've encountered a lot of stories about what King Charles will be doing ahead of, and during, his historic coronation on May 6. Most of these pieces of pomp and circumstance are things few of us could ever dream of experiencing, celebrating the coronation instead at home with our own makeshift ceremonies.

But it turns out, what Charles will reportedly be getting up to after his coronation is something that any one us can do. And in fact, a lot of us probably know somebody who does already, and far more often than they should. That's right: Charles is gonna be playin' the ponies.

Alright, to be clear, what Charles will be doing is a little bit different than how most of us make a little cheddar off of the thoroughbreds. If Charles wins big on his coronation day (besides winning big by, you know, getting to be the King of England), it's not going to be because he shuffled into an OTB that smells like Pall Mall Blues and is packed with dudes who look like late-in-the-run Columbo. It will be because he owns the winning horse.

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We’d like to believe everybody watching the race will still be in their coronation outfits so it looks like that scene from My Fair LadyArchive Photos - Getty Images

The horse, the Mirror points out, is one King Charles inherited from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, named "Slipofthepen," and it will be racing just six hours after he is crowned at Westminster Abbey. And the newly coronated King is expected to watch the race on television as it unfolds.

"Slipofthepen is currently 20-1 to win the 2000 Guineas, the first Classic race to take place in Britain in 2023," notes the Mirror, which also says that the horse is undefeated after winning both races in which it has thus far been entered.

Now look, King Charles has been in some minor hot water lately for his automobile collection and land ownership, but this is a story that makes him relatable. Sure, the coronation is a time a King is meant to be viewed as larger than life, as some sovereign overseer with God-given leadership skill. But it's nice to know that shortly after that coronation, the guy is gonna be more like Richard Dreyfuss in Let It Ride.

Honestly? This is the first bit of news that's straight up made us want to party with Charles.

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