Hide gifts in cake with this pop-up stand

Hide gift cards, cell phones or jewelry in your cake with this hidden pop-up stand.

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  • TikTok users can't figure out what this animal is so they're assuming it's an alien

    The animal, found by a TikTok user named stinkeyescrappy, is seriously freaking out some commenters, .while others are determined to discover its species name.In the TikToker’s clip, which now has more than 2.7 million views, she shows the creature from several angles — along with some appropriately creepy background music.The lizard-like figure, which is clinging onto a rock with its slender, almost human-looking arms.also appears to have a coarse and bumpy body, as well as several long fingers.The clip drew more than 15,000 comments.with users suggesting the creature looked like everything from a “Stranger Things” monster to a piece of Laffy Taffy to Geico’s gecko mascot.Many commented that they’d tried Googling details about the animal but found nothing

  • This TikToker is using her platform to demand justice for her missing sister

    Though most TikTok users use the platform to create fun dancing videos and laugh at silly memes.one woman is taking advantage of the virality of the video-sharing app to demand justice for her sister who went missing in 2001.Sarah Turney was just 12 years old when her 17-year-old sister Alissa went missing.Alissa was seen at school on May 17, 2001, but her step-father Michael unexpectedly picked her up early and she was never seen or heard from again.Sarah has no doubt in her mind that her father Michael Turney is responsible for what happened to Alissa — and she’s dedicated her entire life to getting him tried for it.On TikTok and on her website Justice for Alissa, Sarah outlines all of the evidence pointing to her father — and it’s overwhelming.As of right now, Michael Turney is the only person of interest in Alissa’s case. However, “no charging decision has been made by the County Attorney’s office”.Though most of Sarah’s family has either given up on Alissa’s case or doesn’t believe Michael is guilty, Sarah says she won’t stop until she has answers.If you want to help Sarah demand justice for her step-sister, you can listen to her podcast, The Voice for Justice

  • Woman uncovers treasure trove of weird mugs in vacation house

    People have been collecting all sorts of strange things since the dawn of time.One TikTok user who goes by the name ejtommy stumbled upon a vacation home with a truly impressive collection of its own….and it’s safe to say this one might be totally one-of-a-kind.“The lady who owns this lake house has 113 mugs that just say ‘laugh’ on them,” she wrote in her caption.In the video, ejtommy opens a number of cabinets in the house, and sure enough — there are dozens that say the word “laugh”.She didn’t offer an explanation for the collection, but commenters did share a few fascinating theories.Regardless of the homeowner’s motive for collecting these unique mugs, she certainly succeeded in making people laugh

  • Woman’s unusual car decoration turns heads

    TikTok user thelonelycrocc took cottagecore to the next level, though — instead of going back to nature, she brought nature back with her. She shared a video of herself going to Home Depot, purchasing fake grass and placing it in the floorboards and cupholders of her car. In a second video, thelonelycrocc answered some frequently asked questions about her car.