A Hidden Two-Player Mode Has Been Discovered in Nintendo’s ‘Super Punch-Out!!’

28 years after the launch of Nintendo’s Super Punch-Out!!, a series of new cheats have been discovered. Published by Unlisted Cheats on Twitter, the codes offer new ways to play the classic boxing video game.

Super Punch-Out!! was originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1994 as a sequel to 1987’s Punch-Out!!. Players take the form of Little Mac on his journey to earning the title of World Video Boxing Association champion. During three-minute-long matches, players have to knock out their opponents using jabs, undercuts and hooks.

One of the cheats Unlisted Cheats uncovered allows players to pick any of the game’s fighters for a single one-off match, including those from the Special Circuit.

The second chat transforms Super Punch-Out!! Into a multiplayer game. A second real-life player can plug in a controller and compete as Little Mac’s opponent.

All of the cheat codes that have been uncovered so far utilize a simple two-button combination.

IGN’s Kat Bailey reported that the secret two-player mode also functions on Nintendo Switch and even offers special moves. Playing as Bald Bull, she was able to perform his unique “bull charge” skill.

While the Wii edition of the game came with its own two-player mode, this is a new feature for those on SNES and Switch, and the first time that players can control the lineup of the game’s boxing opponents rather than just a duplicate Little Mac.

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