Hidden Gem Spot in Colorado Where You Can Play With Chipmunks Is Too Cool

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What a fun opportunity this would be.

TikTok user @kylesvanlife let us in on a little secret in Colorado that is now on our "Must Do" list. Forget about the incredible mountains with endless hiking and views and the booming cities. Well, don't forget about it. Just know that there's more in the state! In fact, there's a tiny town that is drawing in visitors for this unique activity that the whole family can enjoy. 

This TikToker was driving through the middle of the state when he stumbled into a ghost town called St. Elmo. As it turns out, this tiny town actually brings in visitors for the chipmunks. Right across the street from an old general store is Chipmunk Crossing. You can buy a bag of food to feed the little critters for only 50 cents. Just wait to see how many chipmunks there are. It's unbelievable! 

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O.M.G. Colorado was always on our list of places to visit and now, after this video, it's in the number one spot! How could anyone not want to go here?! This is the place to go to live out your Disney princess fantasies! "It's so magical," said @falkor_my_luckdragon. We bet it is! Where else can you feed chipmunks?!

One TikToker, @kristenmreid, has been there before. She commented, "Omg my fave place! At one point I had 6 on me at once 😂." SO cool! That's truly a movie moment and we hope that happens to us once we go. More the merrier! 

"I'm a Colorado native and have never heard of this place! How?!" asked @jwelch827. It doesn't matter how. All that matters is that you know now! That's what we like to call the power of social media. LOL! "Okay I'm on my way," said @2jzcooper. We're right behind ya!