Alison Victoria Says She "Found out Through the Media" That Eckhardt's Licenses Were Suspended

Photo credit: Timothy Hiatt - Getty Images
Photo credit: Timothy Hiatt - Getty Images

From House Beautiful

Since Windy City Rehab season one ended in early 2019, a lot of drama has unraveled IRL between Alison Victoria and her business partner Donovan Eckhardt. During the show's hiatus, news that the business partners had allegedly split, as well as lawsuits filed against them made it unclear whether there would even be a season two. However, the show returned earlier this month and now we're finally getting a front row seat into what happened between Victoria and Eckhardt.

In the latest episode, several of the team's projects are issued stop-work orders by the city. Victoria, frustrated that they cannot advance on the projects, realizes their troubles are far greater after learning that Eckhardt's licenses were suspended.

Victoria explains that she found this news about about her co-star from the media, and not from Eckhardt himself. The story, which broke in July 2019, called for the suspension of Eckhardt’s real estate developer license and general contractor license for one year after the city had claimed that he worked without a permit at 11 different properties, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

"That’s a massive, massive problem," Victoria said in the episode. She also noted that she spoke with Chicago's deputy commissioner who “had made it very clear that [Eckhardt] hadn't gotten inspections or final inspections on 20 plus properties that he did before he even met [her]" she said.

Determined to cut Eckhardt out of the picture in order to advance with current projects, Victoria asks Ermin Pajazetovic to step in as the general contractor for a few projects. However, according to the preview for next week’s episode, Eckhardt isn’t out of the picture just yet. Stay tuned to see how this all pans out...

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