HGTV Home Town

The Napiers return with a new Home Town series starting Dec. 4. (Credit: HGTV)

Video Transcript

- How do I hold my hand when I'm drinking tea? Hold your pinky out?

- Yes.

- Our baby Mae was born last May, and about a month and a half later our dog Baker, who was getting close to 12 years old-- he's a Great Pyrenees, and that's very old for a Great Pyrenees-- he passed away. Helen adored him, and Mae never knew him.

There's Daddy. He's coming.

- Hey, Daddy!

- Hey, baby!

- Helen still misses Baker so much. And it's always, I miss Baker so much. Does he remember me?

Hey, look at that.

- Oh, who is that? Hey, girl!

- He's a boy. Oh, he's trying to get you! This is your dog, Helen.

- Oh, goody dog. You're a good dog.

- We know you've been missing Baker.

- Let's name this dog Baker.

- OK.

- Yeah.

- Baker, part two, is here.

- Where are you going, tater tot?

- We're about to have a lot more space. We're about to have a lot of opportunity to take a dog somewhere where it can really be free and run, and have fun with the girls.

- There we go! Yeah! He's chasing you! Run, Helen!

- He's just figuring us out, isn't he?

- I'm Helen. This is my mama. And I have my baby sister, named Mae-Mae.

- Something about being a kid and growing up and having a dog tag along with you on your adventures.

- Baker, come over here!

- It just makes it more memorable.


(SINGING) Every day is summer when you spend it here with me.

- Come on, boy. Let's get running.