Hey Y'all - Spring Cleaning

Don't wait! The hardest part is getting started.

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IVY ODOM: Hey, y'all. Tis the season for spring cleaning. Specifically my kitchen needs it.

I'm going in hot. Even my ceiling is sticky. Ew. I've never cleaned underneath here.

SARA MCALLISTER: It's like going to the gym, that's what I always say. The hardest thing is like walking through the door. Get started, you'll never regret it.

IVY ODOM: Help. This is so nasty. Like, I don't think you quite understand how nasty this is. Y'all know how much I use that kitchen. Well, it is disgusting.

I don't have a proper venting system. I fry a ton. It's real humid down here in the South and so, all of those factors combined, on top of the fact that I really have just never deep cleaned my kitchen. It is high time for that to happen. So I've recruited the best woman for the job, Sara McAllister from Go Clean Co.

And y'all, during quarantine Sara blew up on Instagram because of her sharing all of these disgusting homes and things that she was cleaning during quarantine. She shows people how to put in the elbow grease and the work to deep clean every part of their house. So I have recruited her.

I have a call set up with her now to give me all the tips on how to deep clean my kitchen during this spring cleaning phase and I cannot wait to see what she has to say. I'm kind of terrified, because I know how dirty my kitchen is and I think that she's going to tell me that I have to put a lot of work in, but I'm prepared for all the work and I can't wait to see what she has to say. So let's call her.


IVY ODOM: Hey Sara.


IVY ODOM: How are you? Thank you for coming on my show. This is awesome.

SARA MCALLISTER: I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

IVY ODOM: OK Sara, the main reason that I wanted to talk to you and get you on here is because I need to do a severe deep cleaning of my kitchen. I cook in it every day. I am by no means a professional chef, but I do use my kitchen more than the average human for my job. And it is disgusting.

SARA MCALLISTER: I always tell people, grease is different than dirt. These are two totally different things. And people think that they can just sprinkle something on it and it's going go away or just wipe it with water. Oil and water, they don't work together. Right?

So the simplest science way to put it. So you need a degreaser and it sounds like you're going to need a heavy one, if you're saying your things are tacky. I would suggest start from the top.

So we always say top to bottom, left to right and then work in a circle. So you start on the one side of your kitchen, get up on-- Do your cupboards go all the way to your ceiling or do they have shell-- like a top of the cupboard?

IVY ODOM: There's a top of it. So I have things sitting on top of that.

SARA MCALLISTER: OK. Yeah, you're going to have to climb up there and get all of that stuff down, because it's going to be covered in grease too, right? So all of that stuff is going to need to be cleaned. But what we use on the tops of the cupboards is Mr. Clean, yellow Mr. Clean straight. OK?

It says on the bottle you can dilute it. Just use the yellow Mr. Clean straight. Spray it, wipe it. I tell people, like, don't even bother with a cloth in this situation, because a cloth just moves it around.

And the grease, and then because it's grease and then it's dust and lint and hair and whatever all gets mixed in there. Use paper towel and just throw it like-- I know might it seem wasteful, but you're not going to pick it up. You need something absorbent.

Wipe them all down with Mr. Clean. Once you've cleaned with it, I will say that it does leave like sometimes streaks and stuff. So we always go afterwards and just rinse it with water so that the surface doesn't have any streaks. A lot of the time, you have to do that with cleaning supplies or cleaning products anyways, is rinse after.

You don't have to rinse with the Tide, but you do have to rinse with the Mr. Clean. And hot water, OK? Don't use cold water. Yeah. And then get it really clean, let it dry and then put down parchment paper on the tops of your cupboards.

Because then you have a catch all there before you put all your junk back up there. Put the paper-- the parchment paper so that you don't ever have to do that again. Parchment paper can just be switched out every three months. You can use the Mr. Clean on your cupboards, your cabinets.

A good-- a really good degreaser for cupboards that are sticky is a dishwasher tab in a bucket of hot, hot water. And that is just the best degreaser. That doesn't even leave any streaks. I actually sometimes I'm like 50-50 on which one works better.

Because the dishwasher tab has so much stuff built into it. And when I say dishwasher tab I mean, like, a dishwasher pod. Because I know in Canada we call them tabs. I don't know.

In America, maybe you guys call them pods? But and you just soak it in there, use a cloth and get wiping. It's incredible what one of those will do and almost all of us have those underneath our sink, right?

Yeah and that cuts grease really, really really, well because it's a strong degreaser inside of it. And yeah, that's what I would-- that's number one. And then obviously you want to clean your oven and your stove. What kind of stove do you have?

IVY ODOM: I have a gas stove and it's like a two-- it has two doors. So like a small door at the top and a bigger door at the bottom.

SARA MCALLISTER: So for your gas, your grates, you have grates on top of that so you can cook. We throw those in boiling hot sink, hottest water as possible. And we soak those in like three to four dishwasher tabs. That really helps cut the grease.

I'm not going to, like, flower it up for you. You have to still scrub. So it's like, it's going to help cut the grease and soften it. Or any cooked on, you know, like burnt cheese or whatever could be stuck on those, because we see some horrible ones.

Soak as long as you can and then scrub them, rinse them off. That usually brings them back to new. And then don't forget to pull it out. Wash your floors, do behind it, especially if you have a grease problem. And inside your oven draw, like underneath.

We always vacuum that out, give that a good scrub with just dish soap and water if you need to. And yeah, do the whole entire inside out. Pop off your oven knobs too. A lot of people don't realize you have to take those off and they get totally caked with grease.

IVY ODOM: Wow. I just-- I'm like at a loss for words. I feel like I've done maybe all of this at least once in my life, but never all at the same time and I don't know if I'm excited or scared. I'm a little bit of both for all this adventure.

SARA MCALLISTER: Horrifying is what it is. But it feels so good. It's like the satisfaction. And then you think, holy cow, that was amazing. I think it always gives people confidence too, because a lot of people don't know how to do everything.

They think, well it's not bad. Once you do it you think, oh, well, now I know how to do that. It wasn't as hard. It's always getting started, you know?

It's like going to the gym. That's what I always say. The hardest thing is, like, walking through the door. Get there, get started, you'll never regret it.

IVY ODOM: OK, well, I am so excited about this entire endeavor. It's going to be great. I can't wait to update you on Instagram and show you my progress, before and after. I hope I don't have horror stories from the dishwasher or from my oven, but if I do, I will keep you updated for the entire process and keep everyone updated. So if you don't follow--

SARA MCALLISTER: Yeah. Keep me posted. I'm so excited. It'll be fun to watch. It's like-- it's so funny. People are-- because we're doing our spring cleaning thing and everyone's putting it on Instagram.

They're like, I cannot believe how many people love this, like people who don't even follow you. I said, that's just what it is. They love to see people clean stuff instead of doing it themselves. So it's just-- it's something that's addicting.

IVY ODOM: They do. I mean it's going to be awesome. Like, next week is going to be spring cleaning kitchen cleaning for you, also kitchen cleaning for me.

So for people that don't know go, follow Sara on Instagram. Her handle is @GoCleanCo. All right, well thank you so, so much. I will talk to you soon

SARA MCALLISTER: OK. I'll talk to you soon. Can't wait to see it.

IVY ODOM: OK, bye. All right y'all, I just got off the phone with Sara. It is time to tackle this thing. So some things that I learned, let's recap.

Start top to bottom, left to right. Top to bottom means top of the cabinets to the bottom of the cabinets, and I'm going to start into left corner. I got all the products that Sarah recommended. I'm excited to get started.

The first thing I'm going to do is the ceiling. Just kind of like the crown molding and then the tops of the cabinets, which I think are going to be disgusting. I have things on top of my cabinet, so I need to take all those out. I'm going to put some really hot water in the sink and let them soak with a dishwasher.

Because she said that's super highly concentrated anti-degreaser. And then get my yellow Mr. Clean and go at it. I'm going in hot. Even my ceiling is sticky.


IVY ODOM: This is so nasty. Like, I don't think you quite understand how nasty this is. It's so nasty. So she said just get some hot water and kind of wipe everything down after I did the Mr. Clean. So that is what I'm doing.

It's already smelling better in here, that's for sure. My hands are pretty clean after that. All right, that part's done. I am going ahead and switching over the stuff that's in the sink that's been soaking this whole time. So I'll start the second round, wash these really well, and then I'll get to work on the actual cabinets, like the doors of them.

So far so good. So I'm going to do cabinet doors on the top and that's really all I'm going to do today. I also need to do the same thing to the top of my refrigerator that I did over here. I don't need to show y'all that.

It's the exact same process that I'm doing on this side. I have this dishwasher pod soaked in this water. So I'm going to see if this works for the glass.


IVY ODOM: Good morning. Day two of this kitchen deep dive, deep clean. I am in my really dirty clothes today.

Today is a hood vent and stove. So I need to stop talking about it and actually do. It's not going to clean itself.

So I googled it. You're not supposed to use Windex on stainless steel. I'm going to use some vinegar, because I don't have really any kind of stainless steel shine thing, but vinegar is totally safe for stainless steel. So I'm just going to do this to get rid of the streaks.

Man, this looks like a brand new hood vent. OK. Top of the hood vent looking brand new. OK, It's not too bad.

Huh, OK. The clean these, Sara says to just run some hot water through them and then spray them with Mr. Clean. Or if they're super bad, you can run them through the dishwasher.


IVY ODOM: Underneath is clean or at least as good as it's going to get. It's a heck of a lot better than it was. Look at that. Oh my gosh. It's like a totally new look hood vent. There we go, clean as a whistle.


IVY ODOM: While my grates are being soaked with the oven cleaner and the tops to the gas range are in the sink with the dishwasher pods, I'm going to get to work on this top, which honestly, yes it's greasy, but it's not terrible.


IVY ODOM: I've scrubbed, everything is good. I'm using some hot water with a rag and wiping it all down. It's going to take a few-- few go's with this and the drying it before it is ready to go. OK, it's been about 45 minutes.

I'm going to start scrubbing these. They've been soaking in the dishwasher tabs. Oh, look at all of that splattered in the sink. Y'all, just look at this sink.

So nasty from the-- from the grates alone. The last step for the stove is these knobs that come off. So spraying them really well with Mr. Clean and then wiping them off with a paper towel.


IVY ODOM: Y'all, it looks so much better. So, so, so much better. Almost a brand new oven. The last things Sara recommended is to dry everything off.

So she said turn on the burners so it burns off like anything that's wet. Let it run for about 10 minutes and that'll make sure everything is dry and good. So we have left over here the backsplash, counters, and fronts of cabinets and then also behind the stove. The dirtiest thing is behind the stove.

So I'm going to pull that out, vacuum it all up, wipe all of it bit down, put it back in, and then I can work on the backsplash, and the counters and the tops-- and the front of the cabinets. And this whole side is going to be done, other than the floors. So--


IVY ODOM: Oh yeah, it's coming out now. Oh Yeah. In the interest of not messing up anything with the natural gas or the power or any of that, and because it's not fully tiled all the way to the floor, I'm just going to give a good wiping to what is like directly behind the stove, the back of the stove, because it's sticky.

Try to get some of the edges of the counters and then plop it back in. Because that's about as good as I can do. I am going to put everything back up over here, because everything up top is pretty much clean. So Sara recommended putting parchment paper down.

This catches all of that dirt and grime that I wiped up and makes my job so much easier the next time. All right, y'all, we are in the home stretch. It's the last day. Things I have left on my to do list today, finishing the backsplashes, the counters and the lower cabinets, which will take me no time at all. Clean

Out the inside of the refrigerator, the inside of the dishwasher, the sink and the window above the sink. And then finally, we're going to mop ourselves out of the kitchen on the floors. And we are done. I am so excited.

So since it was really repetitive, I went ahead and did the cabinets on this side, the top of the fridge. Put all of that up, the same kind of wiping down of all of my upper tile pieces on that side. All the same that I did over here.

Y'all didn't need to see that. I'm ready for this day to be over in my kitchen to be spotless and clean. Let's get to that fridge.


IVY ODOM: OK, cool. Now I've got to load her back up.


IVY ODOM: Moving on to the dishwasher. It is already cleaned out. I ran it last night. I unloaded it.

I mean, like, it's a little gross. I don't know what they're talking-- oh, OK, yeah. This is nasty. Ew.


IVY ODOM: Heavy, extra dry, start. All right, dishwasher's running. So now it's time to tackle the countertops, the backsplashes and these lower cabinets, which should take me zero time at all. Just a good old spray down.


IVY ODOM: OK. Cabinets, counters, backsplashes, everything is done. Things that have left, sink, window above the sink, baseboards and floor. Are you ready? Because I'm ready.


IVY ODOM: So I am lucky in that my baseboards pop out, but it's really disgusting and embarrassing. I've never cleaned underneath here.


IVY ODOM: Now I'm going to vacuum the entire kitchen. Once I vacuum it, I'm probably going to sweep it, just to get anything else that I didn't get with the vacuum. Then mopping my way out of this kitchen.

So what I have to do is get some piping hot water, which my sink will not let me do. So I'm going to fill this up mostly with as hot as the sink will go and then kind of bring this to a boil and kind of makes and it'll be real hot. And then I have to mix it with her floor cleaning solution, which is powdered tide laundry detergent.

Water is piping hot. Pouring it into this really hot water. Oh yeah. Look at that.


IVY ODOM: Sara puts her mop water in the toilet, not in the sink, which makes a lot of sense. Because sink is clean. Ew.

OK. Last mop. Sara always mops twice. I'm mopping my way out of this kitchen and it's so clean. It's so clean. It's so clean.

This kitchen has never been-- never been this clean ever. I did it. A week's worth of spring cleaning in my kitchen. It was a fun adventure. It was a lot of work, but very worth it.

This place feels clean and the air I'm breathing feels cleaner. Everything that I touch is not greasy. Highly recommend deep cleaning, if not your kitchen, some room in your house, wherever you spend the most time in your house. Deep clean that, because you will feel so, so much better about your home and your self.

If you love this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up, like, comment, subscribe, share, click the bell, all the social media things. You all know what to do. Should I clean something next? Should I organize something next?

Should I build something? Should I cook something? What should I do? Put it in the comments. I love to read those.

Be sure to follow Sara, if you don't already, @GoCleanCo and me, @IvyOdom. Of course, "Hey Y'all" will be right back at "Southern Living" Mag next week. I will see y'all soon. Bye, y'all.