Here Are Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet Casually Dancing at a Birthday Party

london, england october 17 timothée chalamet and zendaya attend the dune photocall in london ahead of the film's release on 21st october in central london on october 17, 2021 in london, england photo by tim p whitbygetty images for warner bros pictures and legendary pictures
See Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet Dance at a PartyTim P. Whitby - Getty Images

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet had a casual Dune reunion, thanks to the birthday party of Zendaya's assistant, Darnell Appling.

Videos shared to social media captured the costars dancing and mingling with a large crowd for the festivities, which appeared to be held outdoors at a park. Zendaya looked effortlessly cool in a white halter crop top, high-waisted blue jeans, large gold earrings, and layers of long gold necklaces. Meanwhile, Chalamet wore a baggy white T-shirt layered underneath a blue-and-white NBA jersey, lime green basketball shorts, a beige baseball cap, black sunglasses, Batman-themed socks, and multi-colored sneakers.

One video, that has since gone viral, shows Zendaya line dancing to Beyoncé's "Before I Let Go." Another video of Chalamet shows the Little Women actor grooving his way into the middle of a dance circle.

Zendaya and Chalamet—who finished filming Dune: Part Two late last year—have both opened up about the close bond they developed on the set of Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of the sci-fi book series by Frank Herbert.

"Going in there, I was intimidated. I was like, I want to do my best work, you know? But this guy made it such a warm environment to work [in]," Zendaya told E! News in 2021. "Immediately I was like, 'Oh, we're going to be friends for life. Like, this is happening.' So that was great and I had an incredible time, and I sure hope that we get to do more of it because selfishly, I just want to have fun."

In an interview with Variety last year, Chalamet reflected on Zendaya's performance in the upcoming Dune sequel. "She’s bringing exactly what she brought to the first one—which was incredible—but in greater abundance," he said. "And she’s really become a sister. I’m so grateful to count her as a partner and a sister and a friend."

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