So Here’s Why the Queen Didn’t Spend Much Time With Harry and Meghan’s Daughter, Lilibet, During the Jubilee

Earlier this month, during the Platinum Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth finally got a chance to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter, Lilibet (who just so happens to have been named after her great-grandmother).

While there were, tragically, no pictures of the meeting (at least not any that are for the eyes of people who aren’t in the royal family’s most trusted inner circle, anyway), some tiny bits of intel about the iconic moment have leaked out via royal media. One fact that seems to be pretty universally accepted as truth about the Great Meeting of the Lilibets is that it was pretty short, time-wise (less than an hour, reportedly).

Considering how long the Queen had to wait to meet little Lili (almost exactly a year after her birth) and how far the Sussex fam lives from the rest of the royals these days, the brevity of the intergenerational hangout sesh came as a surprise to some royal fans/ignited flames of anxiety that Harry’s relationship with the Queen is in a bad place. According to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, however, that’s 100 percent not the case (which, emphatic phew).

“She was working very hard to maintain her strength,” Sacerdoti told Us Weekly. “I think it’s totally understandable that she was saving her energy as best she could for all the events that she wanted to be at if she possibly could.”

This totally tracks, of course, considering the Queen has had to skip several public appearance recently, including many events during the Jubilee itself.

“We’re talking about someone in their 90s and a baby,” Sacerdoti added, presumably to drive home the very obvious, common-sense reason the meeting was kept on the shorter side.

Considering the number of people in the so-called prime years of their lives who need a nap after an hour of high-pressure socializing with someone new (*raises hand and looks around for others*), the Lilibets’ one-hour hang session seems very, very fair.

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