Tayshia Adams Is the New Bachelorette After Clare Crawley Finds Love, Sources Confirm

Update: August 3, 2020: — As of late afternoon on Monday, August 3, sources confirm to Glamour that Tayshia Adams has been named the new Bachelorette. It’s rumored that Crawley found love early with one of her contestants and didn’t want to continue with the competition. Crawley’s journey to find love will reportedly still be part of the season, but since The Bachelorette is only about a third of the way through filming, the bulk of the season would (and will) focus on Adams. Glamour has reached out to Warner Horizon Unscripted Television and ABC for more information. 

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I hate to admit it, but this might really be the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette yet. 

Just a few weeks after filming began for Clare Crawley’s season—production was placed on hold for months due to the coronavirus pandemic—rumors are floating around that Crawley’s run as the Bachelorette has come to an end after finding love with one of her contestants. Even further, a Reddit user has claimed that the 39-year-old Bachelorette is getting replaced by Tayshia Adams.

There is a lot of speculation about what’s really going on, so let’s break it down. 

Some of Crawley’s “backup men” were asked to come to set. According to a report by Us Weekly published on July 31, some men who didn’t make the cut for Crawley’s season have been asked to join the fold just two weeks after filming had begun. “Last weekend, producers reached out to backup Bachelorette contestants who had been vetted for Clare’s season but were ultimately not cast to film at La Quinta [Resort],” a source said. “When producers reached back out, out of the blue, it was very apparent that something had happened with production.” 

So what about Tayshia Adams? A day later Reality Steve tweeted a Reddit thread that points to difficulties with Crawley and says that Adams, a former contestant from Colton Underwood’s season and Bachelor in Paradise, is already preparing to take the helm. 

“I’ve been made aware of this Reddit post making the rounds. Been on the phone for the last 2 hrs digging,” he tweeted. “I cannot confirm with 100% certainty if it’s true yet, but if you ask my opinion, I think there is some serious validity to it based on what I’m hearing now.”

“On Monday, I got some messages saying that production is having a lot of problems with Clare during filming. Among other things, she canceled everything that was supposed to happen that Saturday before, and they called in a new Bachelorette,” the Reddit thread reads. “They are recasting her with Tayshia. Tayshia is already quarantining at the hotel and they should be taking her phone on Friday (today). The plan is for her to call back some guys that have already been eliminated.”

Bachelor Nation star Demi Burnett further stirred the pot on Instagram Live by saying she’s been texting Adams but noticed her texts weren’t going through. Instead they would turn green, as if Adams’s phone was turned off or out of service—which would be the case if producers have taken it away ahead of filming. You can watch that video in @bachelornation.scoop’s rumor roundup, above.

Of course, people have thoughts. Here are just some reactions to all the behind-the-scenes mayhem.

No official announcement from ABC…yet. Glamour has reached out to ABC for comment and will update this post as more information unfolds. 

A tweet like heard round the internet. The speculation surrounding whether or not Clare Crawley is being replaced on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette continues. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, Crawley’s Twitter account liked a tweet about Tayshia Adams becoming the Bachelorette on August 2. (It has since been unliked.) This is relevant because contestants on the show do not have access to their phones and social media accounts. So what’s going on?!

At the very least, it’s suspicious…

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