Here's Why You Should Air-Dry Your Clothing

Perri Ormont Blumberg
Here's Why You Should Air-Dry Your Clothing

If there's a viral method to get stains out better or a magical new eco-friendly, powerful, smells-like-flowers detergent, we've probably tried it. But there's likely a part of the laundry process you're overlooking: How you dry your clothes.

If you've never done anything but machine dry your clothes, it may be time to consider making the change to air-drying. Indeed, if you're in a rush, machine dryers get your clothes nice and toasty much faster than air-drying, but there are many benefits to stepping away from the drying machine — for your clothes, your wallet, and the planet.

In an article for Reader's Digest, Carley Lerner does a deep dive into the topic of machine drying versus air-drying. “[When drying your clothes outdoors] the fibers of your clothes appear to hold up longer and because clothes dry by sunlight or over the entirety of the day, they don’t lose their shape,” explained Sherri Monte, co-owner of the interior design and home organizing company, Elegant Simplicity, in the piece. Of course, if you don't have outdoor space or it's inclement weather, using a clothing rack is equally suitable. Best of all, perhaps, is the money you'll save on electricity bills and the positive impact you'll have on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Read the full article here.

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Do you air dry your clothes? Do tell us: What's your best tip for making the most of the air-drying experience? We're ready to make the shift, don't tell the pricey drying machine in our laundry room.