Here's Where You Can Buy a Vaccine Card Holder

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Congratulations, you're finally vaccinated! While that vaccine card can feel like a celebratory badge of honor to boast about on social media, it’s actually an essential medical document that contains important information. You’ll need to keep safe—and not just for bragging rights. So, where do you keep that flimsy piece of paper? Your wallet or money clip might bend and potentially wear down your vaccine card, but thankfully, there's a better solution.

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can resume to activities they did prior to the pandemic, which means vaccine card carrying might be required. For now, they also recommend taking a picture of your vaccine card to have on hand, while keeping the original protected in case you need it for future use. That’s why a vaccine-specific card holder can come in handy. Plus, CNBC reports "some scientists say people will likely need a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccines and possibly additional shots each year, just like for the flu," and Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson are developing one, just in case. So, laminating your vaccine card right now may not be the best idea. Until then, it’s a good idea to make the small-yet-mighty investment of a durable card case to protect your 2021 proof of immunity.

There has also been talk of showing vaccine passports as a requirement upon entering high traffic areas like airports, concert venues, and hotels, especially when traveling. In this circumstance, you’ll definitely need some form of protection to keep this valuable piece of paper fresh and legible—not crinkled up in the back of your wallet. We recommend a simple, clear, protective sleeve with a lanyard attachment, or if you want to be more discreet, go for a flap-closure or leather case that can also store your passport.

Before you go thinking you can fit this card in any old case, you might want to measure your vaccine card to be sure it will fit perfectly to keep it in the best possible shape. Most vaccine cards fit nicely in a 4x3 inch card case, but some states vary in size.

You can go for a pack of vaccine card holders for your entire family and friends, or a single one if you’re buying just for you. Ahead, we share the top-rated, best value vaccine card holders you can buy online today.

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