Here's Who Went Home on 'Survivor 43' Tonight

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Here's who was eliminated during the 'Survivor' season 43 premiere.

After a summer off, Survivor returned for its 43rd season. We were treated to 18 new castaways with brand-new stories to tell as they play the greatest game on Earth. Unfortunately for one of them, that story came to an abrupt end in the premiere, making them the first person eliminated.

Check out more information about tonight's premiere below and find out who was voted out.

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Who got voted off Survivor 43 tonight?

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p>

Robert Voets/CBS

Morriah Young

Teacher Morriah had by far the most colorful personality, wardrobe, and hair entering Survivor 43. And early on, the Baka classroom she resided in had a happy-go-lucky vibe. Even after losing the first Immunity Challenge, Morriah felt confident in her new alliance with the women that she wouldn't be the first gone. Unfortunately, her confidence was misplaced, as the tribe valuing strength had her going in a unanimous vote.

Were any advantages found or played on Survivor 42 tonight?

The premiere had the first "adventure" of the season as Dwight, Gabler, and Karla all went off to meet at a separate location. There, they were presented with an opportunity to risk their vote for a random draw for an advantage. Gabler beat out Dwight in the draw, earning an idol good through the first two Tribal Councils he attends.

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Who's left in the game on Survivor 43?

Cassidy Clark

Cody Assenmacher

Dwight Moore

Elie Scott

Geo Bustamante

James Jones

Jeanine Zheng

Jesse Lopez

Justine Brennan

Karla Cruz Godoy

Lindsay Carmine

Mike Gabler

Nneka Ejere

Noelle Lambert

Owen Knight

Ryan Medrano

Sami Layadi

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