Here's the Recipe for André 3000's Viral Apple Handpies

Tobias Carroll
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Andre 3000
Andre 3000

André 3000 is a beloved musician and an accomplished actor, but it turns out those aren’t the only creative skills he has on hand. The multi-talented artist, also known as André Benjamin, has gone viral for a new reason this week: a recipe for delicious-looking pies that he posted to his Instagram.

He isn’t going the celebrity chef route, however; instead, Benjamin posted the family recipe to raise awareness of food insecurity among seniors and bring some attention to the work being done by Meals on Wheels Atlanta.

“I am happy to be part of the #PassItDown campaign with @mealsonwheelsatlanta because they are doing really amazing things,” he wrote. “My offering is my family recipe and helping to give love and support to an elder in need.”

He’s not the only member of Outkast taking part in this campaign; Big Boi recently posted a recipe for banana cream pudding to benefit the same cause.

André 3000’s recipe makes use of a concise list of ingredients — apple sauce, biscuit dough, butter and an optional pinch of salt. At The Washington Post, Aaron Hutcherson gave the recipe a go and noted that it makes a perfectly solid pie. Hutcherson also offers some tips for those looking to make the recipe at home; the colder weather does make the prospect of tasty pies all the more alluring.

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