Here's the Real Reason Why Harry Styles Skipped the 2023 Met Gala

From setting trends after wearing a sequin rainbow romper to reviving the Adidas Gazelle, it's clear that Harry Style has a massive impact on the fashion industry. He was even the first man to ever land a solo cover of American Vogue in 2020, so it came as a huge surprise that he missed this year's biggest night in fashion: The Met Gala. Sources close to the "Satellite" singer revealed to Daily Mail that he skipped out on the festivities to avoid running into his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

"Harry was invited to the Met Gala, but knowing that both of them were definitely going, he avoided it like it was the bubonic plague," the source said. "He was told by his team that they would take all necessary steps to ensure that there was no awkward run-in with Olivia, but he was not trying to risk it at all."

Despite their almost two-year relationship, Harry and Olivia never attended the Met Gala as a couple. The singer last graced the red carpet at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2019, while Olivia most recently attend this year's gala by herself.

Reports first claimed that Harry and Olivia were friends after their breakup in November 2022. "She [Olivia] and Harry are good friends, there’s no animosity whatsoever. Plus, she’s got many different directing projects in the works," a source told People. Things appear to have changed since then. "Harry has no desire to have a face-to-face encounter with Olivia at this time," Daily Mail's insider added. The Grammy award-winner reportedly expressed concerns about being in the same space as his ex-girlfriend with his current love interest, model Emily Ratajkowski. "Running into Olivia at an event with Emily would just be way too intense," the source said.

Harry dated the Don't Worry, Darling director from January 2021 until November 2022. Shortly after their breakup, the singer was spotted making out with EmRata in Japan, fueling reports that he'd moved on from their split.

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