Here's Who Plays Young Cal Jacobs on 'Euphoria' Episode 3

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Here's Who Plays Young Cal Jacobs on 'Euphoria' Episode 3

There’s arguably two main villains in Euphoria, and they come from the same family. While most viewers lament about Nate Jacobs, the football player who spends most of his days scheming and emotionally damaging Rue and her friends, Nate is only the result of his emotionally-distant and secretive father, Cal Jacobs.

We first meet Cal in season one, when he meets a potential hookup in person. That hookup turns out to be the new-in-town (and notably underage) Jules. They have sex, and Cal thinks he’ll never see her again. Until she shows up at the town carnival with Rue not much later. Jules promises Cal she won’t tell anyone about their encounter, and he thinks that’s that. Until his inquisitive son finds an incriminating video.

It turns out Cal records every single hookup he’s ever had, and keeps them saved on a CD in his home office. If anyone found out about the video, it’d destroy Cal’s marriage, reveal his hidden sexuality, and incriminate him for having sex with a minor. Throughout the first season, we didn’t know much about Cal, besides information from Nate’s perspective. In the second season, we learn more about his backstory.

In a series of flashbacks, we meet young Cal, along with his best friend Derek. It turns out Cal always had feelings for his friend, but didn’t know how to express them. One night, the two kiss. Any hope of anything more with Derek is dashed, though, as soon as Cal learns his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child, Nate’s older brother.

After learning more about who Nate’s dad was before present day, fans are interested in learning more about who plays the young version of Cal Jacobs. Here’s what we know about the actor.

Who Plays Young Cal on Euphoria?

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

The actor who plays young Cal Jacobs is Elias Kacavas. He’s still an upcoming actor, and according to IMDB, he doesn't have many credits. Euphoria is his first major role, and he’s also playing a character named Greg in a Pretty Little Liars spin-off called Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, set to premiere on HBO Max later this year.

Since Euphoria’s flashbacks are usually a one episode deal, it’s unlikely Kacavas will reprise his role as young Cal Jacobs anytime soon, unless there’s more to reveal about the character’s past. Similar to when viewers met Fez’s grandmother earlier in the second season, the flashbacks are often a short glimpse into how each character became who they are today, but not a detailed history of everything they’ve ever been through.

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