Here's how to organize a junk drawer

Get your junk drawer under control with these tips

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JAMIE HORD: Welcome back to In the Know-- Uncluttered." I'm Jamie.

FILLIP HORD: And I'm Fillip. And today, we're going to cover the infamous catchall, the junk drawer. The junk drawer is that one space in your home that seems to catch a little bit of everything. So the first step in the Horderly 11-step process is to prioritize what you're going to work on. We've decided that we're going to focus on the junk drawer. The second step would be to pull everything out and to sort it.

JAMIE HORD: For example, we have our markers and writing utensils here. Hardware, tech category. You can use Post-Its to label your categories. And then we're also going to have piles of trash and any categories that we want to live somewhere other than the junk drawer. So next, we're going to measure the drawer. And this will give us an idea of what size containment we need. So here we already have our single-drawer dividers preset.

FILLIP HORD: So now that we have our categories sorted, the sticky notes are placed, we're going to start organizing the bins into the drawer. It's really important that everyone that's utilizing and using this drawer knows exactly where everything goes.

JAMIE HORD: This drawer might make sense to you in how it's organized, but it might not make sense to them. So be sure to teach them what you did and why.

FILLIP HORD: So there you have it. Hopefully, these tips help you organize your junk drawer. And you might have to find a new name for it.

JAMIE HORD: This has been "In the Know-- Uncluttered." I'm Jamie.

FILLIP HORD: And I'm Fillip. Thanks for watching.