Here's Literally Everything We Know About 'Swarm' Season 2

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Literally Everything We Know About 'Swarm' Szn 2Amazon Prime

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When a show as good as Swarm comes along, it's only natural to want many, many (many, many, many times infinity) more seasons to devour. If you haven't already watched the first season at least one time, please feel free to press pause on reading this post/literally everything else you have on your to-do list for today and go log into Amazon Prime and commence binging immediately.

Swarm is the latest piece of pop culture mastery from the genius brain of Donald Glover and focuses on Dre, a super fan of fictional pop mega-star Ni'Jah (who is believed to be based on Beyoncé) and a proud member of the star's Swarm (BeyHive). Throughout its first season, the series is a masterclass deep dive into the darkest corners of stan culture, social media, and, basically just the ways in which we interact with celebrity, fame, and everything associated with those concepts in the modern world.

After such a strong first season, it's not even a tiny bit surprising that fans are already yearning for more. Here's everything we know rn about the possibility of Swarm season 2.

Will there even be a Swarm season 2?

Let's start with the most basic possible question about Swarm season 2: Is there even going to be a second season?

Brace yourself for some admittedly not-great news because the short answer is: No.

BUT don't throw your phone in a corner in anger because the slightly longer answer is: But never say never.

So, here's the deal: Swarm was conceived of as a standalone, single season of television greatness and Dre's story is, as far as Donald and the rest of the creative team are concerned, complete.

"This is definitely a limited series," co-creator Janine Nabers told in a post-finale interview. "The story of Dre is over."

Yes, that sounds definitive and dire, but the silver lining around the answer is that, when she was pressed on the possibility of Swarm living on as an anthology series that could focus on a different superfan every season, Nabers didn't totally shoot the idea down.

"I don’t know," she said. "If you look at the history of Atlanta, it took many, many years to complete that, so who knows? But as of right now, I’m saying we’re done."

Who would be in the cast of Swarm season 2?

Since the anthology suggestion seems like the most promising idea for extending the limited series concept, if Swarm were to come back for a second season, it would almost definitely be with a whole new group of characters telling a whole new story. Does that mean a whole new cast, though? Not necessarily, since Swarm could take a page from the American Horror Story playbook and invite actors to return as new characters. Either way though, it's too early to even guess about the cast of Swarm's currently purely-hypothetical second season.

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